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Post by Admin on Mon 19 Apr 2010, 12:42

At VVi our aim is to provide all types of info and resources for ALL veterans. It is here on the forums that vets can check posted user opinions as to the worthiness of info and resources. VVi does not exist to impose any one opinion of info and sources but rather to let each veteran do their own research and to make up their own minds as to what is valid or not.

If VVi took the stance to only publish those organizations, info or News which we (VVi staff) thought were valid, then such organizations such as VAC would probably not be included. In the end though this would be a detriment to vets, as, in this example, VAC does provide services, a lot that need to be changed but some good, to vets.

FSNA is much the same. For example, they have taken a stance on SISIP and the Annuity factors in which VVi does not agree, but we would be remiss not to post their link as they do provide some valid services to veterans and RCMP pensioners.

Let veterans make up their own minds.

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Post by okrod on Wed 13 Jan 2010, 16:47

I noticed that we have a link to FSNA on the website. Considering that this organization expressed their non-support of Bill C-201 Nationally and publically. And in my home town of Chilliwack even ridiculed veterans calling us whiners. Why would we even think to advertise for them. I don`t think all veterans are aware of the above information and should be made aware. I personnally have found a better place for my membership dues.

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