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A Request for A Letter of Support

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Re: A Request for A Letter of Support

Post by Jeffery M on Sun 13 Jan 2013, 23:23

If we as Soldiers were to band together like the "idle no more" movement, we would not be subjected to sueing. The GOC must believe they have us out-numbered.
Sorry GOC, my patience runs deeper then yours. Our day will come. You will lose. Losers lose, and winners win.

One veteran. One standard.

Jeffery M
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A Request for A Letter of Support

Post by Teentitan on Sun 13 Jan 2013, 11:01

EQUITAS Disabled Soldiers Funding Society (EQUITAS) was formed September, 2011 by a group of concerned Canadians as a national, non-partisan support organization seeking a better deal for injured Canadian soldiers suffering life-long disabilities. EQUITAS’ founders discovered that the disability support program(s) imposed upon Canadian soldiers as of 2006, called the New Veterans Charter, does not provide anything close to the level of compensation and benefits awarded to other federal government workers, nor those governed by workers’ compensation programs across the country.


Canada is not treating our disabled soldiers equally to other workers “disabled on the job.” The “LumpSum” (one-time payment), combined with all other benefits under the New Veterans Charter is significantly less than those benefits provided by the previous Veteran Affairs Canada Pension Act, provincial worker compensation programs, or recommended by the Insurance Institute of Canada. Moreover, many “benefits” have been mislabeled and give a false impression of long-term coverage, are taxable, and subject to claw back.


Prior to any legal activity, analysis of veteran issues, compensation, resulting welfare, and other legal challenges were analyzed: the result was a comprehensive position paper. EQUITAS is addressing the challenges from a well-researched position.

During an active period of respectful and discreet advocacy, the Federal Government was informed of the shortcomings of the New Veterans Charter. EQUITAS’ advocacy efforts have reached all Senators, MP’s, and an increasing number of MLA's. Our advocacy efforts continue. To date, there has been no willingness to appropriately address the existing inadequate and inequitable compensation program for disabled soldiers. Without a political solution, seeking legal redress is the only path available for our disabled soldiers in order to obtain fairer treatment.

The legal arguments are strong enough to stand-alone; however, when combined with historical and moral principles the arguments overwhelmingly indicate:
The New Veterans Charter violates of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Section 7 & 15);
The Government of Canada has, since 1917, repeatedly reaffirmed its responsibility to veterans but the New Veterans Charter fails to meet the intent and spirit of those affirmations; and,
Various bodies within the Government of Canada have acknowledged the lack of effective care of veterans. The Honour of the Crown is at stake – this is a significant statement.

A legal decision provides clarity to the situation thereby removing rancor and providing government with a firm position from which to proceed.
The legal battle is secondary to overall veteran well fare. Should discreet advocacy prove successful, EQUITAS would quickly (and willingly) dissolve any legal battle: retroactivity notwithstanding.

EQUITAS is not a vehicle to conduct political attacks – we are non-partisan.
National law firms, such as Miller Thomson, do not undertake pro bono constitutional legal battles unless there is a significant opportunity to win.
EQUITAS is responsible to pay the legal disbursements. The estimated cost of disbursements is $150,000.00; EQUITAS has generated $39,000 since 30 Oct 2012 (All funds in trust at Miller Thomson).


EQUITAS is preparing to commence another discreet round of advocacy. EQUITAS requests a letter of support for our efforts and methodology. The letter should be of sufficient quality for publication.

Should your organization wish to financially support EQUITAS’ efforts:
All donations will be held in trust by Miller Thomson thereby ensuring donations will be directly (and solely) applied to the cost of disbursements; and,
All donations are prorated. If donations exceed the cost of disbursements a prorated refund is returned to the person or organization.


EQUITAS is a respectful and responsible effort to ensure the future of veterans. We are not a noisy advocacy group bent on television appearances or online “rants.” Our well-researched legal and historical arguments have merit. The national law firm Miller Thomson has graciously offered its legal services pro bono; however, EQUITAS remains responsible for legal disbursements. Through letters of support, EQUITAS seeks your support to advance the interests of veterans.

For Jim Scott, President EQUITAS

David T. MacLeod CD MA

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