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Post by Rags on Fri 13 Dec 2013, 09:43

I heard a very interesting interview on CBC 2 days ago on this subject. A Brit Doctor was asked what they are doing about suicdes due to missions for there troops. He said 2 things stand out.
A.  They mandate all military and Civilian deaths of soldiers and ex soldiers by there own hand to be coroner issues and inquest by civilian coroner. This correlates all deaths by suicide and allows for suggestions to resolve the issue to be ordered by arms length entity.
B.  His second point was very interesting the brits have not done this yet but they are trying to get it to be enacted. He said if an army does its job right then it recruits, trains and builds then executes a highly effective combat task which is the opposite of taking care of its wounded and why are we surprised that a hard physically fit well trained fighting force would have compassion as an attribute. He said because of this lack of compassion which he said makes sense as it is opposite of a fierce fighting force That being the case then the medical support of the wounded should be outside the military chain. When it heals a soldier then he is sent back to the fighting force but if he is not then he never interacts with the chain of command again.
Very interesting view point and enlightening.


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Post by meathead on Wed 11 Dec 2013, 17:37

Well said brother from both the RCM Police side and the military side we are in this together
Tom Kozel CD (ret'd)
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Post by Whisky45 on Wed 11 Dec 2013, 09:58

Mr. Karygiannis I totally agree one suicide in the military is to many. I am both a Canadian Military Veteran and an RCMP disabled veteran as a result of career ending Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of my two tours as an RCMP officer to the former Yugoslavia. It is a fact that an RCMP officer or any police officer for that matter does not have to get deployed overseas even though they do at the request of this wonderful Conservative government to get seriously injured from duty related PTSD. Recently CBC aired a story about the huge problem of suicide within the ranks of the RCMP of which I was interviewed. Only a small part of my interview was aired because the CBC is afraid to air what I have to say which is the truth. This CBC story was aired as a result of yet another suicide of an RCMP officer due to PTSD but for some reason this issue is not important enough to become an issue within the political circles in Ottawa and I am outraged that it has not. Sir If the Liberal Party can take the time to speak up for our valiant soldiers about PTSD and the dreadful issue of the recent Military PTSD related suicides why does the issue of PTSD related suicides within the rank and file of the RCMP and Veterans continue to be kept in the closet???? If you want to know where I am coming from by all means google my name Eric Rebiere disabled RCMP veteran PTSD and you will get to know what I am about and have been since 2006 when I decided to try an make a difference with this callus Conservative Government who could give a rats ass about a National symbol of this country which is imploding due to Mr. Harpers neglect of this issue.

Two reports by the RCMP Occupational Health and Safety one in 2006 and the other in 2010 addressed the need to deal with this very sad but real issue recommending a program called the Occupational Stress Injury Social Support Program created by the Canadian Military in particular retired Lt Col. Stephane Grenier who created it in order to deal with the high rated of suicide within the military back in 2001. How many RCMP families have kids growing up without a parent because of suicide due to duty related PTSD not to forget veterans who have retired with undignosed PTSD who have also committed suicide. I confronted the then Minister of Veterans Affairs Mr. Blaney in November 2012 asking him what where the statistics of the PTSD related suicides within the RCMP veterans community?? He of course did not have a clue.

Now that the CBC aired the story about PTSD and suicide within the RCMP, the response from the RCMP management was that they the RCMP are 15 YEARS BEHIND THE MILITARY IN DEALING WITH THE PROBLEM. I have PTSD and understand the devastating reality of living with it and was very close to suicide myself while still employed with the RCMP. I was dealing with CBC reporter Holly More who was very happy to contact me for information and contacts but refuses to return my emails about the next big question WHY ARE THE RCMP 15 YEARS BEHIND THE MILITARY IN DEALING WITH THE PROBLEM!!!! It is very apparent that the next question that needs to be tabled is WHY?

In my interview with Ms. More from CBC I provided the reasons why Mr. Harper the economist and his cabinet clowns have and will not touch the issue and is allowing a National Symbol of this Country that is more respected in England than here to implode due to PTSD related incidents involving officers and of course preventable suicides. The word NEGLIGENCE COMES TO MIND WITH ME actually criminal negligence in not dealing with a serious issue that is injuring and killing RCMP members where the Government is ultimately responsible to provide funding to the RCMP to deal with this. Of course the RCMP have a Commissioner that is politically compromised and is towing the Conservative rope which is why he was given the job of Commissioner but in fairness to the RCMP leadership that know this is wrong sever budget cuts have made the issue of PTSD within the RCMP a very very low priority. The unnecessary shooting of Bosnian Veteran Greg Matters whose case is currently the subject of a Coroners inquest in BC is about how bad it can get. I have stated in my posts that not only is the issue of PTSD a public safety issue it is also an officer safety issue because one of these days a very capable soldier or veteran who for example served in Afghanistan is going to seriously injure or kill a police officer no matter what patch they wear because said officer does not know what they are dealing with. The Occupational Stress Injury Social Support Program provides EDUCATION at all levels of the Military and would do the same thing within the RCMP. Dr. Passe who is the Psychiatrist from the OSI clinic in Vancouver was treating Greg Matters at the time of his shooting and was not given the opportunity to have direct contact with Greg Matters who I am confident would have resolved the 30 HOUR STAND OFF peacefully and within hours even minutes. Why was Dr. Passe not involved because it was reported in the news media after his testimony at the inquest that he was not. Does the word Negligence again come into mind here???

Sir with all due respect deal with this and jack up the conservatives on this issue because to not is only allowing this negligence to continue. I am very pissed off about the attitude in Ottawa about all this and again I have posted a lot of information over the years which seems to have been ignored. As far as I am concerned the Harper Government is responsible for every preventable suicide within the RCMP and within the veterans community since the first RCMP Occupational Health and Safety report in 2006. If you care to have copies please let me know. I am very tired of this indifference at the political level and I challenge you to do something about this.

Respectfully Eric Rebiere (Former Cst. RCMP 37515 LSGC and Military Veteran)
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