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CPPD Form Hints Empty Re: CPPD Form Hints

Post by prawnstar on Wed 04 Mar 2015, 12:34

I would wait until your re-assessment and PIA review is done before submitting for CPPD. If things go your way it will give you more ammo for the CPPD application. I was approved first time and my shrink had written so many reports for other vets that were approved she knew exactly how to word it. As far as ELB goes yes you will have to pay it bcak but not PIA. If you are retired the bridging portion of you DND pension will be recovered back to the date of the retro CPPD. It's a PITA t get it all done and I have had numerous problems with the process with VAC taking more than what they were supposed to and I am know fighting to get back.

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CPPD Form Hints Empty CPPD Form Hints

Post by johnny211 on Tue 03 Mar 2015, 11:58

Hi all. I had an awesome DVA, service canada lady who advised me that it was time
I put in for the CPPD. I also have a reassessment and PIA review in the works.
I have completed all my questioonaire in alot of detail. And have given my psyc her part of the form to mail in. I have to get
my copies of reports certified by service canada prior to mailing. I was wondering for you that have been thru it, is there anything
I am missing? Like DVA it is a crap shoot for approval or not. Have alot of you have had to appeal it? I read alot about the part where
some of you got approved, but then had to pay back DVA , due to ELB and PIA.
Anyway, about to mail it in, and wait 4 months I think. And any help would be great guys.

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