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About Sean Bruyea

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About Sean Bruyea

Captain Sean Bruyea, retired, is one of Canada’s leading advocates for the rights of injured Canadian Forces members, disabled veterans and their families. He is recognized as a “go-to” resource by Canada’s media and appears frequently on TV, Radio and in print, always standing up for the concerns of Canada’s serving soldiers, veterans and their families. Quite simply if Canada’s soldiers are willing to sacrifice so much for Canada, Canada’s government should be willing to stand up for those in military uniform who sacrifice so much in Canada’s name.


Captain Sean Bruyea, retired, is one of Canada’s leading advocates for the fair and just treatment of veterans and their families.

A graduate of the Royal Military College, (Class of 1986)Sean Bruyea served as an Intelligence Officer in the Canadian Air Force for 14 years and was deployed to Qatar during the first Gulf War (1990-91).

He retired due to medical consequences of that war, but remains a tireless advocate in the defense of serving and retired Canadian Forces members and their families injured in military service from not only the Gulf War and subsequent ‘peacekeeping missions’ but all those who have proudly worn a Canadian military uniform since Korea.

He was instrumental in the creation of Canada’s “Veterans Ombudsman” and hopes that the ombudsman will one day be truly independent of Veterans Affairs Canada by being a legislated as well as potent officer of Parliament.

Bruyea has defended Veterans’ interests by fighting against the unfair deductions from injured soldiers long term disability (a.k.a. SISIP) standing alongside Dennis Manuge, the plaintiff who launched the class action law suit against Canada’s government.

Sean was the first Canadian to publicly point to the flaws of the so-called “new veterans’ charter” and the lump sum. He  has worked closely with the ’matriarch’ of modern veteran advocacy, Lt(N) Louise Richard, in multiple projects such as facilitating the reminting and distribution of the Government of Kuwait of “Liberation Medals” to those Canadian Forces military members who helped liberate that country.

Sean has repeatedly defended the interests of Canada’s veterans before Parliamentary Committees, and has written and had published over 30 articles to promote the welfare of Canada’s serving injured soldiers, Veterans and their families.

He is recognized as a “go-to” resource by Canada’s media and appears frequently on TV, Radio and in print, always standing up for the concerns of Canada’s veterans. More recently, what ails Canada’s bureaucracy in treating and (mis)treating Canada’s men and women injured in uniform, Sean has learned that similar problems manifest themselves in the way our nation governs itself throughout the federal bureaucracy.

Although Sean’ s work often takes him through the hallowed halls of Parliament Hill, Sean has worked with all political parties, attempting to lift the issues of good government and the care of injured soldiers, veterans and the families of both beyond the reach of political partisanship.

Quite simply if Canada’s soldiers are willing to sacrifice so much in Canada’s name while defending Canadians, our system of government and our proud values, Canada’s government must be willing to stand up and defend our injured soldiers and their families in their time of greatest need, that is when the uniform comes off.

Sean’s Articles

Realizing that public education was fundamental to any possible improvement in how the government of Canada treats (and mistreats) disabled veterans and their families, Sean Bruyea began writing articles for publication in news media across Canada. Sean’s first article was to make the case for the creation of a veterans’ ombudsman. It was quickly quoted in the Conservative 2005-2006 election platform, “Stand up For Veterans”.

Since that time, Sean has expanded his writing to embrace many veteran issues but has also taken on accountability and transparency, including whistleblower issues, as they relate to the federal government. He has had over thirty articles published in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun, Halifax Chronicle Herald, Fredericton Daily Gleaner, Esprit de Corps magazine and he is a frequent writer for the Hill Times, Canada’s leading news source on goings-on in the Federal Government.

Sean’s Parliamentary Testimony

Sean’s advocacy work has allowed him the honour of being invited to testify before Parliamentary on six separate occasions: four instances to Commons Committees and Subcommittees and two instances to Senate Committees and Subcommittees. Sean has consistently provided factual and in-depth testimony supported by accompanying reports and research. He has often been accompanied by other veteran advocates (Louise Richard, Tom Hoppe, Harold Leduc and Perry Gray) as well as family and supporters such as Alan Cutler from Canadians for Accountability and David Hutton, Executive Director of FAIR Whistleblower.

Up until now, Sean has testified to Parliament principally about issues affecting injured serving and retired Canadian Forces members and their families.  More recently he has testified about the federal government’s misuse and abuse of private medical information for the purposes of discrediting those who would speak truth to power.

Sean’s Reports

In addition to providing reports accompanying his Parliamentary Testimony, Sean has created a number of unique fact-based reports which have provided unprecedented insight into the operations of Veterans Affairs Canada and the laws, regulations and programme’s this federal department administers. Sean was the principal author (with the editing help of Perry Gray, chief editor of of Canada’s first-ever comprehensive ‘ombudsman report’ on Veterans Affairs Canada in 2005. The extensiveness of the report and its wide-reaching and extensive methodology have yet to be replicated to date.

Furthermore, Sean wrote the first comprehensive analysis of  the New Veterans Charter with the editing assistance of the founder of, CJ Wallace. The analysis has repeatedly served as the launch pad for a clear analysis and comparison of benefits for injured veterans and their families both before and after the creation of the New Veterans Charter.  The analysis has since been updated.

Advocacy Areas to be Pursued and Compiled in the Future

Military and Veterans Issues

Transition from the Military culture to civilian life
The meaning and implications of military service and sacrifice
Ombudsman for Veterans Affairs
Social Contract
New Veterans’ Charter and the lump sum
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other Psychological Injuries
Unfair Deductions from Disabled Soldiers Disability Income (SISIP LTD)
Kuwait Medal
Gulf War and complex illnesses and injuries of war and military service
Ethics and the care of the wounded

Government Accountability


Reprisals and Government Techniques to Prevent Freedom of Expression
Ethics and
Related Federal Government Systemic Problems
This section will provide a compiliation of material focussing upon fact-based work produced in the area of  the following:

1) Care, treatment and rehabilitation of serving and retired Canadian Forces members and their families

2) Improving government accountability, transparency and operations

3) Protecting those who would tell truth to power including whistleblowers


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