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The Next Veterans Charter

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Re: The Next Veterans Charter

Post by bigrex on Fri 13 May 2016, 12:12

As much as I like the thought of a "New" New Veterans Charter, I fear it would only act to muddy the waters even further. I think that the only way to do it, would be to take the best parts of both previous Acts, along with new ideas, and have everyone fall under the same Act. Basically they have to ensure that people won't lose money that they are currently getting. For example, taking those few Vets who are getting EIA, and convert it to the CIA/CIAS, at a level high enough to account for taxes. And the same with the Caregiver award. Any one already approved for that, should be transferred to the Attendance allowance, at a level that would pay just as much, or more, per year.

One thing that needs to be brought in, is a combination of the CIB, and the old treatment benefits. Under the Pension Act, if you had to undergo surgery, or treatment for a pensioned condition, VAC would top you up to a 100% pension, while you were off work. Where as the CIB pays for severe cases only. So I think they need to create a new benefit, maybe not as generous as the CIB, but available to any Veteran, or soldier, that needs to undergo treatment for a physical or psychological condition, if it requires any amount of time in the hospital and/or time off work. For example, when I had each of my knee surgeries, I spent several days in the hospital, and over a month at home. I would not have qualified for the CIB, since they were corrective surgeries, and not immediate life saving surgeries and hospitalization. But that does not diminish the impact they had on my life, or my financial situation, if I hadn't still been serving at the time.
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Re: The Next Veterans Charter

Post by Guest on Fri 13 May 2016, 10:24

well buds kind of unhappy with some of the vets orgs . different agendas and what not . orgs refusing open and honest debates over specific subjects like full financial disclosure and so forth .  their has to be a better way .

veterans advisory council ; 13 members voted in during every election you would get two ballots to fill if your in possession of a vet card and go to a special booth with two ballot boxes . one member per province or territory those 13 vote for the chair . no pay but small annual stipend and small expense account .

their job would be to advise the MVA ,OVO and MND on vet and transitioning members issues when asked and may present advise as they will .

they would have absolutely no power save for one .

veto power over new veterans legislation .

kind of a nuclear option for such things as the NVC .

yup ya can call it insane say it will never happen and the GOC would not allow it because everyone would want a council, that check is not necessary as their is enough including the supreme court and so forth .

I can think of a thousand reasons why it wouldn't fly and some why it should not be done but they in no way trump the reasons why it should be done .

crazy sure I get that but inside the box not really .

always question authority


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The Next Veterans Charter

Post by VVice on Fri 13 May 2016, 01:34

I propose that we begin discussions on the next charter.  This will be a major challenge and at best it is a necessary evil.

The NVC was broken before it was made law.  The politicians have shown little interest in doing anything beyond discussing the problems.  There have been over 400 recommendations submitted to VAC by advisory groups and other organisations since 2005.  The current mandate of the MVA contains some good ideas, but there are also some major flaws.  For example, the concept of one veteran, one standard seems good, but there are many definitions of these two words.  Just look at the types of veterans as identified by VAC:

All receives benefits based on different legislation in addition to the NVC.  VAC tends to ignore most of the old legislation, despite the fact that the majority of its clients receive benefits from them.  There are still problems with the old programs, which VAC largely ignores when it consults with veterans as was evident during the recent stakeholders summit.

If you agree that it is time to develop something new, then let me know.  I am looking for mainly positive feedback so focus on what is good and what additions could be made.  Consider subjects like spousal/primary caregiver income for disabled veterans, alternate education programs to be used when the veteran is unable to participate but a spouse or child can, a comprehensive health care plan (combining military, public service and Blue Cross coverage), and defining military and related skills in terms of their closest civilian equivalents for use when applying for jobs or selecting educational programs.

Read the comparison matrix on this website which shows old benefits with NVC benefits.  The matrix makes the flaws very obvious.

Think outside the box when you consider this challenge.

I would like to have a draft ready for the next election so that we can invite the political parties to support it.


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Re: The Next Veterans Charter

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