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Peacekeeping Day and Korea Veterans Day

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Peacekeepers Day

Post by Guest on Mon 08 Aug 2016, 06:45

Peacekeepers Day: a day to remember and honour Canadians killed in the line of duty.

August 7, 2016

Members of Canada’s Armed Forces came to Peacekeepers Park to pay tribute to fallen comrades on Sunday.

The 14th annual Peacekeepers Day ceremony honours every Canadian peacekeeper killed in the line of duty. The event is held every year in Peacekeepers Park on the Sunday before Aug. 9 in remembrance of “The Buffalo Nine,” the crew of a Buffalo Aircraft shot down over Syria in 1974 when three missiles hit their plane.

“Canada has a very rich military history,” said retired Lt.-Col. Rick Wright of the Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping (CAVUNP). “And we all support Remembrance Day and there is no intention for this ceremony to take away from Remembrance Day.”

Wright is a veteran of two Canadian Peacekeeping operations, serving in Egypt in 1974 and again in Cypress in 1979. Wright was there the day The Buffalo Nine were shot down, speaking fondly of the crew and the moments he shared with them before their ill-fated flight.

For Walter Arndt, Peacekeepers Day is a way to honour his late son, Master Cpl. Raymond Arndt, who was killed in 2006 during peace support operations in Afghanistan.

“It brings back memories,” said an emotional Arndt. “We’ve lost a lot of good men, doing what they do.”

Arndt said his son was born with a club foot, a condition that would usually rule out a career in the military.

“According to all regulations, he should have never made the military,” Arndt said. “But he fought tooth and nail to be in there. He was a slight bit bull-headed.”

Raymond Arndt’s sister, Trish Hammond, said Peacekeepers Day offers a chance for her family to honour her late brother and serves as a reminder for Canadians to show their support for our fighting men and women across the globe.

“Whether they’re here or not, they’re always in our mind and our hearts,” Hammond said.

“We want them to know that we’re here for them.”


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Ceremony honours Canadian Peacekeepers killed in action

Post by Guest on Sat 06 Aug 2016, 06:03

Ceremony honours Canadian Peacekeepers killed in action.

August 5, 2016

Calgarians are invited to honour and remember the more than 300 Canadians who have been killed in war zones while keeping the peace.

Held in remembrance of nine Canadian peacekeepers killed on Aug. 9, 1974 — when their aircraft was shot down over Syria — Peacekeepers Day honours every Canadian peacekeeper killed in the line of duty.

Canada has a long history as United Nations peacekeepers, deploying members on more than two dozen missions for the UN.

“Canada’s first peacekeeping mission was in Egypt in 1956 between the Egyptians and the Israelis,” said Rick Wright, vice-president of the Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping (CAVUNP).

Peacekeepers are civilian, police or military personnel who are sent into areas of conflict to help create conditions for peace by de-escalating tensions between warring factions.

“That’s the traditional type of peacekeeping operation that people think of,” Wright says. “We haven’t been in that kind of traditional peacekeeping type operation for about 25 years.”

However, despite changes in how they go about a mission, Wright noted that Canadian peacekeepers are still at risk while deployed on Peace Support Operations, which may include aiding humanitarian efforts, reconstruction and enforcement.

“Most of the Peace Support Operations entail the possibility, and almost a certainty, of having to get into firefights with either or both of the warring factions,” Wright said. “So, it’s an escalation of what the original idea of the UN peacekeepers were all about.”

Wright said that the goal of Peacekeepers Day is not to take away from Remembrance Day or other celebrations that honour veterans, but to show support for Canada’s peacekeepers, both past and present.

“There are a tremendous amount of (soldiers) out there that need people to remember that the Canadian government still sends people on these types of missions,” he said.

The memorial event will include a reading of the names of peacekeepers killed in action and a wreath-laying ceremony.

Calgary veterans and their families will attend the ceremony, as will members of Veterans Affairs Canada, the 41 Canadian Brigade Group and guest of honour, Darrel Janz.

The ceremony will take place at Peacekeepers Park in Garrison Green on Sunday, Aug. 7, at 11 a.m.


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Honouring Canada's Peacekeepers and Peacemakers

Post by Guest on Tue 02 Aug 2016, 18:22

Honouring Canada's Peacekeepers and Peacemakers.

August 2, 2016

August 9 is Canadian National Peacekeepers' Day, marking the greatest single loss of Canadian lives on a peacekeeping mission, back in 1974. All 9 Canadian peacekeepers aboard a clearly-marked UN transport plane were killed when their aircraft, on a routine resupply mission, was shot down by Syrian missiles.

Now the day honours all of the more than 125,000 Canadian Peacekeepers who have participated in United Nations peace-keeping efforts, as well as Canada's Peacemakers, and Peace Support Personnel.

The Central Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Association of Veterans of United Nations Peace-keeping will be holding a Canadian Peacekeeping Day flag-raising in Bradford, on Thursday, August 4 at “Sunshine Square” - the flagpoles beside the BWG Leisure Centre, on Brian Collier Way. The flag-raising will once again include a special salute to Sapper Brian Collier, Bradford Peacemaker who gave his life in Afghanistan, in 2010.

The flag-raising will take place at 7 p.m., with the support of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, and the Bradford Branch 521 of the Royal Canadian Legion. All are invited to attend, and salute those who have served the cause of world peace and security.

This is Bradford's 15th annual raising of the United Nations flag. Bradford West Gwillimbury was the first community to recognize Canadian Peacekeepers Day – thanks in large part to veteran in UN Peacekeeping, G. Mike Comeau, who has helped organize the flag-raising every year.


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Re: Peacekeeping Day and Korea Veterans Day

Post by Guest on Fri 22 Jul 2016, 22:04

the most heroic sacrifices made by Canadian troops were made willingly .

the most egregious sacrifice's by Canadian soldiers however were made either unwillingly or undenounced to them .

one of those days way April first 2006 lets have a day for THAT .



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Peacekeeping Day and Korea Veterans Day

Post by pinger on Fri 22 Jul 2016, 21:20

Peacekeeping Day and Korea Veterans Day

Every summer has two days that are important to Canadian Veterans. One is Korea Veterans Day on July 27th and the other one is Peacekeeping Day which is August 9th.
Korea Veterans Day helps to remember the sacrifices made in the Korean War and the 512 Fallen Canadians, many of whom are buried on Korean soil. July 27th marks the anniversary of the Armistice which ended the combat portion of the Korean War. This day also helps remind us of Canada's contribution to UN missions and to help bring peace to that region.
Peacekeeping Day is on August 9th which was Canada's worst lost in a single day during a peacekeeping mission. Canada lost 9 Peacekeepers who were flying over Syrian airspace when their plane was brought down by Syrian missiles. This day is meant to Honour and Remember all Canadian Peacekeepers who have served or are currently serving in support of peace operations around the world.
Many Canadians know very little about the Korean War and Canada's role in over 59 peacekeeping missions around the world. It feels great as a Canadian to say that we are a nation of peacekeepers, but many people don't know the sacrifices made by our Peacekeeping Veterans.
In most cases our government sends these troops to some of the worst places in the world to help stop an aggression and to provide safety and stability to the people in these troubled countries. Our country has a great reputation as a nation of peacekeepers yet we do very little in recognizing the service and sacrifice of the brave people who represent Canada around the world.
On Sunday August 7th there will be a large ceremony to commemorate Peacekeeping Day and our Korean War veterans. Veterans groups in London will be in attendance to conduct the ceremony with honor and respect. I know that there are many Veterans in London and the surrounding area who are not part of a group but we would encourage them to come out to our Park be part of our ceremony when we will unveil a Peacekeeping Day Memorial Boulder, a Korean War Memorial Garden plus the raising of the UN flag in the park.
The ceremony will be held at Remembrance Gardens at 12:30 on Sunday August 7th. Remembrance Gardens is a Veterans Memorial Park located at 2315 River Road in London Ontario. More details about the event can be found at The Remember November 11 website.

Contact (226) 973-3150 if you have any questions or if your Veterans group would like to be involved

NOW THEN... can anyone see how this very good (SINCERE) example, still fractures ONE VETERAN, ONE STANDARD.?

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Re: Peacekeeping Day and Korea Veterans Day

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