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Post by Admin on Tue 29 Nov 2016, 17:38

There is still a need for volunteers as on the VVi Publishing Staff.

Currently, three volunteers are still to be sought. All positions are with the publishing staff, as follows:
* two assistant publishers for selecting and posting articles to VVi Latest News and Notices, managing the Older News.
* one assistant publisher to manage and update links to the Self-Help section.

Some knowledge of html would be handy, and you possess an understanding of how web pages work. Knowing how to surf the Internet, as well as how FTP works are necessary.  I will teach volunteers how to perform the required functions, incl html authoring and publishing. 

No material requirement except a desktop or laptop pc. Prgms, Aide Mémoire, instructions will be provided. 

If interested contact CJ Wallace at the undersigned email.

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