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Kent Hehr - My Top Ten for 2016

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Re: Kent Hehr - My Top Ten for 2016

Post by Ex Member on Sat 07 Jan 2017, 16:54

MVA is a Fracking embarrassment.   I have to find out things from this forum in order to keep myself up to date. I don't put my view of politics in regard to Veterans issues we all know all governments screwed us all. Screw this soft approach, wait times are far to long and the number one issue in my opinion the transition from military to public is strongly lacking with quick seem less medical care and getting the member an approved public doctor that does have a sense in dealing with military patients.

Example retro pay - nothing from the MVA, it just kind of leaks out and we as Veterans have to assemble the picture like it's a jig saw puzzle.

It should not be handled like this, its total a disrespect to Canada's Veterans.  Then when the day comes with retro pay, he will smile and act like everything is okay with the Veteran community.  You mess with people's mental health and the results don't always turn out okay.  I think you guys can read into what I am saying what happened this week.  My heart goes out to the family, friends, and concerned citizens in regards to any soldier that takes his own life and sadly others lives.

I say the system is broke and in need of a major overhaul.  But they gave VAC management bonuses in 2016.  WTF

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Re: Kent Hehr - My Top Ten for 2016

Post by Guest on Sat 07 Jan 2017, 12:00

Our Minister is a good guy and means well, but he is useless as the Minister of Veterans Affairs.

He took the easy and lazy way in he's duties, instead of learning our file and standing up against those writing up legislation, he left it all for the bureaucrats to handle as he went on pretending he was acting on our behalf and travelling across Country talking about everything outside of our file.

In my opinion he will continue in that position simply because all he has to do is complete he's mandate letter as per the PM's request.


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Re: Kent Hehr - My Top Ten for 2016

Post by meteck on Sat 07 Jan 2017, 11:27

to read this it looks like a constituent based release. sad because the minister doesnt seem to see irony in putting his friggin portfolio ahead of his local ambitions. im a liberal. a proud liberal.and i want this vet file to FINALLY get fixed. so ill be watching..closely.heres hoping vets can get behind the minister.instead of out the way.

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Re: Kent Hehr - My Top Ten for 2016

Post by Guest on Thu 22 Dec 2016, 19:42


Those are our Ministers words, he posted it to his facebook.

There was a lot of backlash from individuals in response to his post, lots of bad language and lots of disappointed Veterans.


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Re: Kent Hehr - My Top Ten for 2016

Post by pinger on Thu 22 Dec 2016, 18:52

Is that Kent Hehr quoted Trooper ?
Sounds more like what JT would update Joe Canadian about in overall terms.

All of those 10 items have nothing to do with his department or our file except # 10.

How about a top ten (10) list of what the MVA has accomplished respectfully in his mandated incapacity?
to the perception that he is doing great things.

I don't want hear about the re-opening of VaC offices again. This is very good.
But the pompous regurgitated diarrhea of it all makes me sick the more it's emphasized...

Merry Christmas czerv...

Stay safe all.
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Re: Kent Hehr - My Top Ten for 2016

Post by Guest on Thu 22 Dec 2016, 18:26

Exactly czerv, his number 1, is really number 10.

He did not increase the disability award, he announced it for next year.

He is useless in this position because he does not want to take the time to learn properly our file, he spends more time outside of our file dealing with things that have nothing to do with our file.
He passed everything down to the bureaucrats, this gives him plenty of time to work outside of our file, but at the same time, it gives the perception that he is fully in control of our file and is making all the decisions on our file.
He will be there for the full term simply because of this false perception.

I'm thinking that the lifelong pension will be announced either after the payout begins, or around the time it begins, this way he can say that we have raised the ELB amount and increased and back paid the disability award, this will give strength to the perception that he is doing great things on our file, and this will soften the blow on the failed merits of their announcement of the lifelong pension.

Our Minister listens to both Veterans and his team of bureaucrats, but he only acts on what the bureaucrats say.


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Re: Kent Hehr - My Top Ten for 2016

Post by czerv on Thu 22 Dec 2016, 11:26

Looks like he is very busy with the other 9 projects. His #1 is realy #10 on the list.
I hope that his re-election dosn't happen.

Merry Christmas

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Kent Hehr - My Top Ten for 2016

Post by Guest on Thu 22 Dec 2016, 10:52

Kent Hehr's Top Ten for 2016


Our government has done a lot this year. Between our work for the middle class, making key investments in our country’s future, we made sure Calgary and Alberta are in better stead to go forward together.

Here’s my top ten for 2016:

#10 – Protecting Canada’s Oceans

In November Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committed an investment of $1.5 billion to protect our coasts with the Oceans Protections Plan. We are creating a world-leading marine safety system by investing in marine science, and better information sharing with coastal communities. This plan will help keep Canadians waters and coasts safe and clean, for today’s use and for future generations.

#9 – More money in middle class pockets

Last fall we were elected on the promise to do more to help Canada’s middle class and those working hard to join it. And we have kept that promise. Canadians with taxable annual income between $44,700 and $89,401 will see their income tax rate fall. This cut will put up to $670 back into individual’s pockets per year – or $1,340 for a two-income household.

#8 – Lifting Canadian kids out of poverty

The new tax-free, targeted Canada Child Benefit means that 9 out of 10 Canadian families will receive higher payments and 300,000 children will be lifted out of poverty.

#7 – Financial help for more Seniors

We boosted the Guaranteed Income Supplement top-up benefit for single seniors of up to $947 annually. This will improve the financial security of about 900,000 low income single seniors across Canada. We also restored the eligibility age for Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement benefits to 65, which will put thousands of dollars back in the pockets of Canadians in their later years.

#6 – Standing with Fort McMurray

I was honoured to chair of the Northern Wildfires cabinet committee and oversee the federal government’s response to this devastating disaster. I was awestruck by the generosity of Canadians. Some $165M was donated to the Red Cross by Canadians, funds that were matched by the federal and provincial governments. We also paid out $300 million to the Alberta Government through the Disaster Financial Assistance fund which resulted in a combined provincial and federal payout of $1,850 per adult and $800 per child to assist with the immediate costs of the evacuation.

The fire destroyed some 2,400 homes and caused $4 billion in damages. It was the largest wildfire evacuation in Albertan history, and ground oil sands operations to a standstill. I am proud of the skill and ability of Canada’s first responders and emergency preparedness professionals, along with the leadership and tenacity of the people of Fort McMurray.

#5 – EI reform that benefits more Albertans

In 2016’s budget we brought in a $2.7 billion reform package of Canada’s Employment Insurance program. These reforms were specifically tailored for Alberta, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and our government doing the following to help those most hurt from the commodities downturn:

  • Extended benefits up to 50 weeks for hurting Albertans. Long-tenured workers will be able to receive an additional 20 weeks up to a maximum of 70 weeks

  • Reducing wait times for EI applicants from two weeks down to just one (starting January 1st, 2017).

  • Extended EI Work-Sharing agreements from a maximum of 38 weeks to 76 weeks, helping companies to cope until commodity prices rebound.

#4 – Funding Alberta infrastructure projects

In the past year alone Minister Sohi and our government have invested $3 billion into Albertan infrastructure projects. That’s more than the last five years combined under the previous government. This means funds for flood mitigation along Calgary’s rivers, public infrastructure like the Green Line LRT through downtown Calgary. Calgarians will see better jobs, quicker commutes and a long term boost to the local economy.

#3 – Investing in local Culture and Innovation

Since the 2015 election our government has invested more than $330 million into Calgary Heritage projects – like cSPACE, Beakerhead, and the Calgary Folk Festival.

We have also invested $150 million into the University of Calgary to make the dream of Alberta being a centre of excellence for energy innovation a reality. These investments in Calgary have been called “game changing” and “transformative”.

These investments will ensure long term economic prosperity for Albertans and Canadians and a better future for all.

#2 – Putting a price on Carbon Pollution

The Canadian Government is implementing an economy-wide price on carbon pollution. Canadians know that a sustainable, clean growth economy is necessary for our collective health, prosperity, and security. Canada is committed to creating a cleaner, more innovative economy that reduces emissions and protects our environment, while creating well-paying jobs for the middle class and those working hard to join it.

Building Pipelines

Earlier this month, cabinet approved Enbridge’s Line 3 and Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion project. After a decade of inaction, we are finally seeing progress on the energy file thanks to the leadership of our Prime Minister and my colleagues.

Calgarians and Albertans alike have been waiting for this announcement for a long time. We are moving forward on Canada’s energy future and we will continue to engage with local communities and indigenous groups so that we ensure that economic benefits are enjoyed by all Canadians, and environmental protections strong and enforced.

#1 – Giving more to Veterans and their families

It is an honour and a pleasure to share my life with the many veterans of this country. Since my appointment to cabinet in 2015 I have been able to join veterans from coast to coast for two Remembrance Days, and every conversation and moment that I share with a veteran leaves me more inspired and richer from the experience.

In Budget 2016 the Government of Canada invested $5.6 billion additional dollars in Veterans Affairs, showcasing a clear commitment to bettering the lives of our nation’s heroes. This means re-opening of the nine Veterans Affairs offices closed by the previous government, and an extra office in Surrey, BC. It’s also an increase of Earning Loss Benefit to 90% from 75% of a Veterans pre-release salary, and increasing the Disability Award. And we’re on track to hire up to 400 more frontline staff to help veterans in their communities and lower the Veteran to Case Manager ratio to ensure Veterans with complex cases are getting the attention they require.

It’s been a busy year – but I look forward to what 2017 brings. I go to work each day with renewed purpose and am regularly inspired by the citizens from my hometown. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to represent you in the nation’s Parliament and for letting me share my life with you.


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Re: Kent Hehr - My Top Ten for 2016

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