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So where is the voice from the stakeholders?

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So where is the voice from the stakeholders?

Post by Ex Member on Fri 13 Jan 2017, 11:02

So stakeholders where art thou?

You have not represented us the Veterans correctly and now you hide behind a secrecy signed pieace of paper that the government wined and dined you for!!!!!!!  

Nothing, no comment.   Surely you have something to say.  Maybe the next stakeholders meeting will feature a new strategy of meet and greet, name tags.   I jest, but seriously where are you stakeholders?

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Re: So where is the voice from the stakeholders?

Post by Guest on Fri 13 Jan 2017, 15:00

In my opinion, the less we hear from the advisory groups and the stakeholders, the better.

Both are just feeding the PR system for the government, the more they attend meetings, the more the government can boost their PR machine for giving the public false perception of the governments statements that they are listening and acting on what these groups are proposing.


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Re: So where is the voice from the stakeholders?

Post by pinger on Fri 13 Jan 2017, 16:14

I hear you Steelgunner as well as Trooper.

I like to believe most stakeholders/advisory groups are sincere in a positive agenda FOR US.
Is it naive for them to walk into the politics of that shytestorm?  Hopefully not.

And if the GoC can deny some stakeholders from attending (to the GoC agenda... what's that called?
Now on the other hand Steelgunner, some just be trying to work from the inside out.

What do we hear in the mean time? . . . just the darn puppet master Steelgunner.
What do we do in the mean time?  Help each other grassroots. 

Happy Friday the 13th

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Re: So where is the voice from the stakeholders?

Post by Ex Member on Sat 14 Jan 2017, 09:31

ya pinger nice thought but I trust no one buds . what was it now I forget but I think less than half were actual vets . a small percentage of those were actual VAC clients . of cores you could figure an even smaller percentage of those would be NVC vets I point this out because I believe in the group that was discussing the life long pension their might have been 2 NVC vets . really I think only one though .

sooooo yaaaaa people have known these things were a joke long before these recent rounds of meetings just ask teen heel tell ya . a joke from the get go no different from today . SOME trying to work from the inside sure I believe that and on small issues or oven the odd lager one that is possible with a receptive government .

when it comes to the PA pension thing that's an issue that outweighs ALL the rest its that big . the GOC though not receptive to the only real solution .

ya just CANT work this from the inside .

mike bought in thought he could work it from the inside . not with the last government mind you but he really thought he could with this one .

well chalk that one up to lessons learned . he after defending the minister and the stakeholder system  against other vets who nailed them for what they really were NOW believes the exact thing those other vets were saying about it because he said so himself and I believe in a fission that broke the RULES of this thing and got him booted .

organizational stuff is one thing I get that . in something with limited time like this I get schedules and time limits as well . cant have one guy speak on his position for two days at a 2 day meeting . I understand I really do .

but in this instance or in fact ANY whether it be stakeholders meetings or within your own vets orgs or anywhere really you cant have rules that contradict Canadian law . ESPECIALLY  WHEN you are dealing with vets !!!!!

these guys signed away their rights to defend others . some of them paid in blood to uphold these rights and had to watch their brothers pay far more for these rights .

these guys should NEVER be asked to sighn away or give up these rights again ANYWHERE !!!!!!

doing so is the WORST DISRESPECT you can show to a vet . so doing so in this instance signing away your (soldier and vet) given rights before you even start gets things off to a bad start . on top of that ensures that no matter of all the controls put in place to guide things in their direction if things still go south the people running the show can say whatever the frack they want with no one legally able to correct any lies .

its a huge pile of disrespectful crap run the way the GOC wants to lead to very predictable outcomes given the make up of the people they hand picked and the rules .

I knew what the outcome would be for the lifelong pension issue long before I knew who would be in the group . stated it on here in fact . why ???? because out of the vets in the group PROBOBLY only one would be an NVC vet they would need that to save face otherwise they would not have ANY .  that's why I said they would not recommend the PA pension but something other that would put money in the pockets of PA vets as well .

sure it might not be a lot but something is better than nothing witch is what PA vets get if the PA pension is given as an option and the vast majority of vets out their today are PA vets .

more to follow elsewhere but like I said a joke nothing more .

always question authority


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Re: So where is the voice from the stakeholders?

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