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New DNA Test for DU or Agent Orange Exposure

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New DNA Test for DU or Agent Orange Exposure Empty New DNA Test for DU or Agent Orange Exposure

Post by Teentitan on Fri 14 Oct 2011, 12:20

Fellow veterans, ladies and gentlemen.

Did you know there is an accurate DNA based test for exposure to depleted uranium? and agent orange? Did you know that this test has been accepted in the United States, Britain, Scotland, Italy and Australia as conclusive evidence of exposure for veterans seeking help for DU/AO related afflictions? Did you know the consequential impairments of DU exposure could be misdiagnosed, particularly in reference to PTSD? These toxins affect the brain... without a conclusive test?

Do you suffer from PTSD, fatigue or other inexplicable health concerns and served on behalf of Canada in combat zones where DU munitions were deployed (Gulf War onward!!!!). Does your wife? Your children?

Please, this is a serious issue that transcends service. DU Toxins are transmittable through DNA, ie, intimate relations! Worse, they are genetically passed down to children, Canada's future. If you, or you know anyone else that may have concerns about this this potential life threatening situation, please contact the the Canadian Veterans Advocacy at for more information.

It is our hope to convince the government to recognize this situation as a potential health crisis of enormous consequence to our serving members, wives and children, girlfriends, boyfriends and accordingly, provide the funding necessary for conclusive DNA testing for those whi were deployed in operational areas wherein th4se munitions were employed. It cost less then six hundred dollars, can be accomplished through a simple urine test.

What is more important, there are treatment options that can eliminate the toxins from the body, to restore the balance of health before genetic mutations occur.

Please copy and paste this message to your facebook community or your friends and loved ones through the email format.

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