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Re: Physio

Post by peep on Tue 17 Apr 2018, 17:53

Tiger660.....any more news?

I just moved to BC and get 20 Chyro, 15 deep tissue massages and 20 physio. Last year I claimed $13,800 in Chyro and massages over and above what was paid by VAC.

Already done my massages this year, and they are applying to VAC for more. Dought I will get an extension. have you ever heard of an extension?
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Post by tiger660 on Tue 28 Feb 2017, 08:10

I do physio every week. The rate went up as of 1 jan 17 to 65 dollars. I found out last week, that VAC will only pay 60 dollars. So I made some calls to find out that a committee sit down and they figure out that the rates will be for every province (this include chiropractor, masso, dietician, etc etc etc). I also find out that the last time that the committee sat down was in September of 2015, so I asked VAC how can they figure out the rates for 2017 if they sat down in 2015? Obviously you are using the same rates as last year. Another person from VAC phoned me yesterday (she was very nice) she said that she is trying to figure out what is going on and that she will get back to me soon. I will keep you posted. For the people that don't know you can see what the rates are on the it will be under Health and well being, Programs of Choice (POC) Benefit Grids. You have everything there that has to do with the A and B coverage on you Blue Cross Card. By the way the physio told me yesterday that the last time their rates went up was in 2013.

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