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Application for benefits with VAC

Post by metaller on Tue 18 Apr 2017, 19:25

If you are correct with your dates that you applied one year ago in 2016, they aren't processing you, your being duped. Take your applications directly into VAC office with a witness and an audio recorder and tell them you are audio recording the conversation and you would like all your applications and medical documents stamped "RECEIVED BY VAC" before the documents leave your sight. If they try to walk away with them, yell "get back here and stamp these documents before they leave my sight. They are using 2 electronic systems. The first is where a real decision letter is verified and electronically signed. When you mail your documents to Quebec, they are being photo copied, the originals go into the real electronic system(CSDN), a decision is granted awarding you your disability, the decision letter is then electronically signed, but, you will never see this decision letter.
The second set of photo copied documents are then sent by mail to PEI head office and put in an illegal hard copy file where the old software from the old electronic system is used to generate fake decision letters that award you half of what the real decision letter has given you, or you will be told you have not been awarded anything.

If you are putting in for family care giver relief you will see why everyone is being told no with the fake decision letters that have been hand signed. I got mine 2 years in a row, because I take it in to the office, audio record them and make them stamp received on my documents and get a copy of all documents I hand in. If you send in by mail, you have no proof that they received them or what they received. If you get a letter in the mail, if it has 2 envelopes(one inside the other with different addresses) then you are receiving fake correspondence from VAC which is being generated by using an old electronic system that was to be destroyed . If you go to court with these documents, they will say they aren't their documents. The signatures are always fakes as well on all correspondence and are always on a page by themselves.
Take your application and documents down to VAC office and audio record with a witness and make them stamp them right in front of you "received" and get a copy of all docs, you will be adjudicated on very quickly as you have proof they received the applications.
The biggest problem you have is that you have no proof that they received your application other than them lying to you on the phone that they are working on it. On MY VAC Account online also lies that tell you that your application is being processed, but this isn't in the electronic system. Its a smoke show.

Trust me, you wouldn't believe what I know.

A friend.

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Post by tiger660 on Thu 09 Mar 2017, 14:44

Good afternoon everyone,

I send a request for compensation for an injury that I have. The request was send 29 April 2016. They got all the information 14 June 2016. I just got off the phone with VAC and I was told that they are presently working on the requests for April 2016 and the date that they use is the date that all informations was received which in my case is 14 June 2016. So therefore I do not expect an answer before end of April or sometime in May.

I asked why it is taking so long, the answer plain and simple is: they have a lot of request and not too many people to process them. I fully understand that and I told her that I would send an email to the Minister and tell him to give them the help they need. I do not know if I can make a difference by myself, but together we can. If every veteran write to the Minister we can put some pressure on. We can bitch, complaint and whine as much as we want on this forum and it will not change nothing, they way we can change things is by writing an email to the Minister. I hope everybody on this forum will do the same. Have a good day.

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