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Volunteer VVi Staff Needed

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Volunteer VVi Staff Needed

Post by Admin on Tue 15 Aug 2017, 14:15

I have been unable to find an Asst Publisher. This is primarily due to the html knowledge required to maintain such pages as Latest News. So I have given up on that search for the time being.

What I am urgently looking for now, is a volunteer 2nd Asst Publisher. This requires no HTML or any IT language knowledge. All that is required is the ability to click on hyperlinks, making sure that the link is still viable. Tasks include:

1. In a monthly basis, confirm hyperlinks validity on all VVi Self Help pages, less Recommended Links pages.

2. Twice a year, confirm hyperlinks on Recommended Links pages.

3. Report all defunct hyperlinks to the Publisher,

4. Provide new links to the topic, if possible, to the Publisher

5. Make recommendations of possible new topics and associated links to be included in the Self Help pages to the Publisher

This need is urgent. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. For further info contact the VVi Publisher

CJ Wallace

VVi Publisher
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