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retro pay

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Re: retro pay

Post by bigrex on Sat 26 Aug 2017, 22:48

Unfortunately, the GoC is often very slow when it comes to paying out money owed, but if you owe them, they want it the week before yesterday. So the money should come eventually. It will also increase his CF pension slightly, because it's based off a percentage of his pay on release. For example, if his pay had been $5000/mo, and it is retroactively increased to $5200/mo, a 40% pension would go from $2000/mo to $2080, plus the COLA, since his release.
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retro pay

Post by umbrella001 on Sat 26 Aug 2017, 12:17

I've looked through the forums but haven't seen this question posted anywhere....

My husband retired May 2015 so he is still expected to receive the retro that went back to 2014. Still no sign of it though and of course when you call the number provided they tell you to wait for all payments to be completed August 30th before inquiring....any body else still waiting on their retro??? Also another question I had is will that retro effect the pension numbers to allow for a bit more $ every month in pension?

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