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Regulations Amending the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Regulations
P.C. 2017-1061 August 14, 2017

Benefits and costs
Education and Training Benefit (ETB)
Redesigned Career Transition Services (CTS)
Caregiver Recognition Benefit (CRB)

Executive summary

Issues: Veterans Affairs Canada has identified areas for improvement in its benefits and services to help better meet the needs of Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans and their families. To address these matters, the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act has been amended to change its name to the Veterans Well-being Act (the Act), create two new benefits, redesign an existing program, and streamline administrative processes. To support these initiatives, regulatory changes are required to the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Regulations, to be renamed theVeterans Well-being Regulations (the Regulations).
Description: The regulatory amendments support the implementation and delivery of two new benefits — the Education and Training Benefit and the Caregiver Recognition Benefit — and the redesigned Career Transition Services Program. The amendments also prescribe the manner in which the Minister of Veterans Affairs may waive the requirement for an application for benefits and services provided under the Act. Lastly, the Regulations have been renamed for consistency with the new name of the Act.
Cost-benefit statement: Over the first nine years of implementation, these regulatory changes are expected to benefit up to 2 002 Education and Training Benefit recipients and 9 238 Career Transition Services recipients, as well as up to 1 590 Caregiver Recognition Benefit recipients. This results in a net present value cost of $43.6 million to Veterans Affairs Canada. The costs related to these amendments will be incurred by Veterans Affairs Canada and the benefits related to these amendments will largely be received by eligible Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans and/or their families.
“One-for-One” Rule and small business lens: The “One-for-One” Rule does not apply to these amendments, as there is no administrative cost to business. The amendments do not impose administrative burden or compliance costs on small business.

Looks like they are projecting only 165 veterans next year who are disability award recipients and not already receiving the FCRB getting the new CRB.

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