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Royal Canadian Legion

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Re: Royal Canadian Legion

Post by Guest on Mon 25 Dec 2017, 12:30

They don't want to read it buddy all the little liberalites are happy except for a few...


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Royal Canadian Legion

Post by Steelgunner on Sun 17 Dec 2017, 20:32

This link should be read by every NVC Veteran   It was posted by “Widlthing” before.  

It really shows how out of touch the Legion is!!!!!!

They don’t understand the effects it has on NVC Vets, in fact I would go so far as they are even lies in there statements that are obviously controlled by GOC funding.   The legion is nothing but a puppet for the GOC and welcomes more civilians into their fold to exist for what reason?   The only thing the Legion has done for me since my release was to charge a fee for my Veteran plates so I can park free down at the water front because the city of White Rock approved that measure not the legion.

I also noted that no one in the Legion put there name to the memo or signed it. Hmmmm

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