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Ian Bush to be sentenced for attempted murder of war vet

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Ian Bush to be sentenced for attempted murder of war vet

Post by Bruce72 on Wed 20 Dec 2017, 11:20

Ian Bush to be sentenced for attempted murder of war vet

101-year-old Ernest Côté tied up, robbed in 2014 home invasion

CBC News Posted: Dec 20, 2017 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Dec 20, 2017 5:00 AM ET

Ian Bush, convicted of attempted murder after restraining and robbing Second World War veteran Ernest Côté, is scheduled to be sentenced during a hearing Wednesday. (Sketch by Lauren Foster-MacLeod for CBC News)

Ian Bush, the man formerly convicted in a grisly 2007 triple murder in Ottawa, is set to be sentenced today for the attempted murder of a 101-year-old Second World War veteran.

Bush was convicted after breaking into Ernest Côté's New Edinburgh home in November 2014 while posing as a City of Ottawa employee.

Once inside, Bush tied Côté up and placed a bag over his head, then searched the apartment before leaving with money and a number of other items.

Côté was eventually able to free himself and call police — no small feat for a centenarian, his daughter Denyse Côté said.

"He was 101 years old and he was very sharp," she said. "He got himself out of this predicament and good for him."

Ernest Côté's video testimony on the home invasion was played in court during Bush's trial. (CBC)

Côté suffered only minor injuries and did not need to be taken to hospital.

He died in February 2015 of natural causes.

Bush also convicted of triple murder

Whatever sentence Bush is handed Wednesday will be added to a life sentence he's already serving.

Earlier this year, Bush received three automatic life sentences for the 2007 murders of three people in a luxury apartment on Riverside Drive in Ottawa.

Bush was convicted of murdering retired judge Alban Garon, his wife Raymonde Garon, and their neighbour Marie-Claire Beniskos.

According to the Crown, Bush's motive for those crimes stemmed from a grudge he held against Garon, a former chief justice of the Tax Court of Canada.

Bush had been embroiled in a dispute with Revenue Canada in the 1990s, a battle which eventually made its way to the Tax Court in 1997.

A hearing date was eventually set for January 2001, though Bush told court he was unavailable that day. The court denied his request to set a new date — and it was Garon who made that decision, court heard.

The murders went unsolved for years until police arrested Bush for the attempted murder of Côté and matched DNA from both crime scenes.

A judge ruled that Bush's sentence for the murders would be served simultaneously, meaning he will spend 25 years in prison before he is eligible for parole.

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