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Bigrex has been a Tyranosaur Rex!

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Bigrex has been a Tyranosaur Rex!

Post by Guest on Fri 29 Dec 2017, 22:43

This place may be built on Sand but Bigrex has been a solid rock for everyone!

Those that disagree are best to leave . We need to support the ones that make this place tick!
If you  do decide to leave Big Rex i want to thank  you for everything.
I remember meeting you in Halifax at the  Denis Manuge public forum where we could all speak in support of the law suit.
Another time, I  remember standing beside at the Cenotaph downtown Halifax in the rain listening to Dennis and other politicians supporting the cause for veteran's benefits/rights.
I stood beside you shook your hand. At the time you stood with a cane . We were even on the Live at Five,(file footage) that night together when they covered the event  standing soaked, wet,cold and freezing.

You have been a wonderful committed source of information here. Bigrex you always followed up. You are  kind gentle giant among us.

Good luck  Mr T Rex Aka Bigrex


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