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EQUALITY! Bah-HumBug Just a figment of your imagination!

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Re: EQUALITY! Bah-HumBug Just a figment of your imagination!

Post by bigrex on Tue 02 Jan 2018, 22:44

I personally don't care what you think about equality. but here on CSAT, we promote the idea of "One Veteran, One standard". So even if you may be happy with 70% of you military pay, as compensation for a lifetime of Pain and suffering, endured for this country, most are not. And I may be wrong, but your nonstop promoting of the new plan, leads me to believe that you really don't care about your fellow Veterans, or that you are a VAC/Liberal staffer, sent onto the site to convince real veterans that we aren't going to be getting the shaft.
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EQUALITY! Bah-HumBug Just a figment of your imagination!

Post by Guest on Tue 02 Jan 2018, 21:25

After all is said and done in April 2019 or sooner I will, as a veteran, fight tooth and nail if there is one case of a veteran released 3b medical & unable to return to work due to military injury that isn't receiving at lease 70% of his final salary (including annual Cola adjustment) for life or until he is healthy again.
Tooth and Nail nothing less!

This new program I believe will accomplish this.

I do not give a rats ass if it is not as good as the veterans under the old Pension Act .

Equality my ass, my entire career wasn't about equality.
It was what rank you held, what positions you had,how much you sucked up to the boss, who the career manager was, where you got posted and if the colonel liked you.
It was 40% merit and 60% other stuff!
I succeed in the system because I knew how to play the game. The Game wasn't fair.
The "equitable" treatment of soldiers and sailors by management was barely acceptable. The day to day quality of life for those Jr/Sr Nco  compared to officers and chiefs - there was no comparison.
Their was no fairness but we knew this, accepted it most days and ended up having an exciting, fun, challenging careers in the majority of cases. Unless you were medically disabled like me and most that will read this narrative.

As long as our disabled friends have enough to live in dignity, comfort and are respected-This will be enough.
A full pension as if he had served a full career plus all the established benefits and the medical care needed etc.That will be enough!
What more can we ask for or expect in this "trucked up world" !

EQUALITY!  Bah-HumBug  Just a figment of your imagination!  IMO


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