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20th Anniversary - No Celebration Here!

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Re: 20th Anniversary - No Celebration Here!

Post by propat on Wed 17 Jan 2018, 17:38

outstanding piece CJ . love it . your commitment is truly appreciated .

always question authority


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20th Anniversary - No Celebration Here!

Post by Admin on Wed 17 Jan 2018, 15:52

20th Anniversary - No Celebration Here!

VVi 16 Jan 2018

Since Jan 1998, when (VVi) was first formed, my naive intent was that for the next half dozen years, VVi would gather info, news, guides, advocacy, help connections into a central location for ease of use by veterans and CAF serving members.

Here we are 20 years later, unfortunately still up and running, and nothing has changed. In many respects things have just gotten worse for veterans, especially those that fall under the New Veterans Charter (NVC); just reviewing the post below, ' VAC Live Cast Pension for Life', much worse.

It doesn't matter which political party takes the throne, veterans are second class citizens, props to be jerked around by corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. What makes it even worse though, is that the current government clearly stated, as one of their main election issues, that a real pension for life for disabled veterans would be reinstated. This was repeated so many times ad nauseum.

Now what do we have? The existing lump sum award divided by 12 months to be paid out over a lifetime for veterans. Monthly payments are far less than half of what was issued under the old Pension Act. This is the same government that ran on no more taking veterans to court. Guess what? We still have the Equitas court case. Everything changes but when it involves veterans, nothing changes.

There are many words that may define bureaucrats and politicians, but Ďliarsí seem to be all too applicable. To coin an active, current phrase, VAC is a 'shithole'.

There is no cause for celebration of VViís 20th. The day that VVi is no longer needed, then we will have a celebration. In the meantime, VVi will stay put and keep pumping out veteran information. No longer as naÔve as I was back in 1998, several years ago I even included a trust clause in my Will to ensure VVi had the financial means to carry on long after I am pushing up the daisies.

Letís just hope that in the days from here on in, we start getting honest politicians and bureaucrats to really fix the governmentís discrimination against wounded veterans. Damn! There I go again, being naÔve.

CJ Wallace
Publisher VVi

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