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Generalized Anxiety/PTSD

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Re: Generalized Anxiety/PTSD

Post by RCN-Retired on Thu 15 Feb 2018, 23:50

Newf, what wrong with claiming both, I was misdiagnosed in the late 90s, was told I had major depression and that is what I applied for. But over the years I was not getting any better and felt like a drug tester. Finally my psychologist and psychiatrist indicated they misdiagnosed me and we then claimed PTSD and Anxiety which VAC tried to talk me out of because it meant no further pension but I wanted it because of the benefits especially for my family. So they are all on my record and now even though I do not receive more then 100% pension VAC pays for my wife and children to see a psychologist because of my PTSD and if I would have been still only with major depression they would not. I suggest that you seek both and especially PTSD because there are other benefits when it comes to that. Good luck.

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Generalized Anxiety/PTSD

Post by Newfie on Thu 15 Feb 2018, 17:04

After a few discussions with my CM it was recommended that I apply for Generalized Anxiety. Can you have a pensionable diagnosis for both? I am afraid to apply as my psychologist feels that maybe it could cause me more grief and that VACwould accept the anxiety and try to cancel out the PTSD diagnosis even though my psychologist says that they are two separate diagnosis. Is there anyone on here who has encountered this scenerio? You can private message me if you donít want to reply here. Thanks

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