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Alcoholism and PTSD

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Alcoholism and PTSD

Post by metaller on Tue 20 Mar 2018, 20:38

Good show, however look at Canli2 cases and some may help you but VRAB only likes to show denied cases so you cant use info for your case found on one that was entitled. One very special gift I will instill upon you and other disability applicants is

Take all your applications directly to VAC service office. Take a witness and a audio recorder and tell them you are audio recording the conversation and that you want the documents stamped in front of your eyes before they leave your sight. If they try to walk away with them before they stamp them yell quietly "You get back here and stamp them documents in front of me"its because they want to photo copy the application prior to being stamped so they can use the document in an illegal hard copy file at head office and then is given to ATIP as if it were the real McCoy. Atip gives it to you along with a copy that you have been denied your claim. Any document received by VAC must be stamped received by VAC with date. If you have your document stamped before your eyes before they can photocopy it, this cant be put in the illegal hard copy file and can only be scanned into the CSDN electronic system where the adjudication occurs and is electronically signed not by signature as the fake file system at VAC head office.
For anybody who is applying for Caregiver Recognition or any other benefit from VAC you will get your application approved by this method. If you apply online or by mail, you don't have the stamp on your document, so they can reproduce this without the stamp. By mail, your documents are photocopied then the originals are stamped received and entered into the CSDN system where they are approved. You will never see the electronically approved document from ATIP as the photocopied ones are sent to VAC head office and when you order your documents from the electronic files the paper docs at VAC are given to ATIP and put on disc or photocopied. If your ATIP documents have "Released under the privacy Act" in the top corner and are in a number 8 font you know they are fakes. Real ATIP documents say "Released under the privacy act" and are in a number 2 font in the right corner where you can hardly read it. This is a security feature so no common computer can reproduce the documents.

Please Trust what I am Telling You so you get approved for your applications. Get them stamped in fron of you before they leave your sight and get a copy of the original and you will be approved.
This is called SHADOW FILING. which is you are approved in the CSDN system but they use unstamped documents from Head Office to deny your claim.Head office and Atip docs are unstamped and you cannot prove they are from VAC in court. In another words you didn't apply for your benefit unless you have proof.

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