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Crohn's Related to PTSD Claimed Denied

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Crohn's Related to PTSD Claimed Denied

Post by sports_1977 on Wed 30 May 2018, 10:36

This is just Sad when they agree that PTSD created Stress, and that Stress worsen and Aggravates Crohn's
So basically if the Dr would of wrote in his Letter stating that My PTSD generated Stress, and that Stress caused my Crohn's to worsen and Aggravate it they would of approved it.
The funniest part is they cant put 1+1=2 sometimes. Kinda wish in ways they would reach out to you before making a decision on something asking question because now i need to appel this and that going to take another 4 weeks.

Information on the Denied Claim for Crohn's.

After speaking with my Benefit Operations Adjudicator he does not understand why this was denied because they agreed that i have Crohn's and PTSD, and that Stress can Aggravate or permanently worsen Crohn's.

From what my Benefit Operation Adjudicator says, i need a letter from the Medical Doctor stating that My PTSD causes stress, that worsen and Aggravated my Crohn's.

PTSD has caused a lot of stress, causing his Crohn's to Worsen and Aggravate his Crohn's.

Medical Diagnosis:

- The consultant's Report, Provides the diagnosis of your claimed condition.

Relationship to your Entitled Condition

- According to current medical opinion, the cause of Crohn's Disease is not known
- We Acknowledge the consultant's letter. Which Indicates that in come cases stress can aggravate or permanently worsen Crohn's Diseases.
- In your specific case, you have provided insufficient evidence to show that episode of stress resulting from your previously entitled condition of PTSD have permanently worsened your Crohn's disease.

Our Conclusion

We Acknowledge that you related your Crohn's disease to your previously entitled PTSD. However, the evidence we reviewed:
- does not include enough medical information to confirm that your Crohn's disease is related, in whole or in part to your PTSD.

You may ask the Department to review this decision if you have:

- new medical information which confirms that your Crohn's disease is related, in whole or in part to your PTSD.

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