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Possible Misuse Of Poppy Stickers On Licence Plates

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Possible Misuse Of Poppy Stickers On Licence Plates

Post by Bruce72 on Thu 21 Jun 2018, 12:37

Recently I moved into a new place in St. John's and after about a month I got hammered on vodka one night. It was about 1930hrs and I decided to fire up my Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker system which pumps out 500 watts of sustained power and has a 10 inch subwoofer just to add insult to injury.

Anyway I get a knock on the door to my place after about 20 minutes and it is the security guard for my condo complex. We'd never had words before and he was pretty invasive and as far as I'm concerned he attempted to interrogate me. I was cool about it and explained to him that I'm a veteran on long term disability and that I was sorry for the disturbance, but I get bored sometimes and a bit crazy and it wouldn't happen again. Off he goes.

Now comes the interesting part. The next day, I'm looking out my living room window and I look over at this guys apartment (I know where he lives, because the property management company told me in case of a problem) and I see his van parked in his spot, and their is a poppy between the numbers as seen on Veterans Plates. I think to myself, isn't that strange that after I told this security guard I'm a veteran that his tone didn't change, he kept on being a prick. I would have thought we would have shared an immediate bond.

Fast forward five weeks, three of which I was overseas, (which blew my mind, but that's another story) and I get home this morning. I have a shower, make something to eat, and pour myself a vodka. I walk over to the window I look out and see the security guards van, which now has no poppy between the numbers. I might be a bit of crazy, but I know what I saw previously. So I break out the Bushnell monocular and spy up his licence plate and I can see where he has scratched off the poppy. His van sits 50 feet from my place.

Now I have not confronted him, because if I do and he admits to the poppy and is not a veteran or I think he's lying to me, I'm liable to go ballistic. Something fishy is going on though I know that much.

I'm going to email the Legion first thing in the morning and warn them that the poppy stickers could be misused. I didn't approve of the stickers in the first place.

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