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Wake up Veterans!!!!

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Wake up Veterans!!!! Empty Re: Wake up Veterans!!!!

Post by pinger on Tue 09 Oct 2018, 17:46

Thanks for your post Steelguunner.
I agree wholeheartedly.

"We just need to sit down with a PA Veteran, NVC Veteran, and the future Pension for Life Veteran."
Pretty much. Just include a top notch accountant, doctor, and including HD quality assurance.

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Wake up Veterans!!!! Empty Wake up Veterans!!!!

Post by Guest on Sun 30 Sep 2018, 15:31

Veterans should be alarmed with MVA remarks.
Post by Steelgunner Today at 12:24
Please read the below link to understand how the MVA treats Veterans that speak up and deals in facts. We all should voice our opinion to the MVA that his remarks and course of action has no place in dealing with any Veterans that have contracted a physical or mental health issue in course of service for the country.

In many cases we our not dealing with macho retired soldiers but with broken soldiers that due to service are suffering with real life issues that VAC makes worse in ones transition to the civilian world.

No matter what Government is in power they can’t get it right or fix VAC to a standard that is acceptable to the Veterans. We get politicians that don’t understand the true meaning of service that scarifies the ultimate gift one can give to their country. “Their Life!”

Both parties in the article produced different facts and numbers for current and future Veterans . It’s very easy to prove who is right if only the MVA would agree to sit down with myself and a few other Veterans. We just need to sit down with a PA Veteran, NVC Veteran, and the future Pension for Life Veteran. We can open our files and compare financial income that VAC provides. The outcome will show that VAC financial income support is in decline since the inception of NVC 2005. It’s front loaded with financial income to entice the Veteran to accept this current system at VAC. In the long run it only serves the Government in saving money in a department that should never be viewed as a place where cuts, service, and financial aid to Veterans should never be altered one bit but only improved.

MVA should rethinking his course of action and owes Mr. Bruyea an apology.


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