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Info found on veterans voice re meeting Aug 23

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Info found on veterans voice re meeting Aug 23 Empty Info found on veterans voice re meeting Aug 23

Post by mrmurphy77 on Tue 28 Aug 2012, 15:11

A Message From McInnes Cooper...
VVi 27 Aug 2012

I have spoken with the legal team who advises that they are currently working on a detailed memorandum outlining the progress and achievements of the meeting of August 23rd. They have described to me that significant and favourable progress was made on resolving all issues (both retroactive and prospective) and that both sides are working in good faith to resolve all issues as quickly as possible keeping in mind that there are some data issues that need to be sorted (validation and valuation for example) as well as process issues (internal governmental approval). These issues may add weeks but not months, to the process. The aim of both parties is to streamline the process so as to get monies into the hands of those disabled veterans who need it the most as quickly and efficiently as possible, with as little paperwork as possible. Based on the meeting, the fears and concerns regularly expressed in the forum about not getting anything or there being nothing left for them at the end of the process are unfounded. There is a very real and beneficial resolution for all members of the class in the process of being finalized. The targeted timing, and more specifics on the issues, will be addressed in the upcoming memorandum, but the target for final approval remains 2012, with 30 days notice to the class in advance of the final approval hearing.

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