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Post by LTD4me on Sun 14 Oct 2012, 18:33

Thought this might help to make things a little easier for people to understand things here in the forums.
I'm sure it is not complete so feel free to correct or add anything that I may have missed. Also please keep it clean.

1-855-370-0025: Phone number to Manulife financial for info regarding zero sum clients
CFIS: Canadian Forces Income Support Benefit
CFSA: Canadian Forces Superannuation Act
CL Project: Class Action Lawsuit Project
COLA: Cost Of Living Allowance
CPP D: Canadian Pension Plan disability
CPI: Consumer Price Index
CM: Case Manager
CRA: Canada Revenue Agency
CVLA: Canadian Veterans Legal Advocacy (
DoJ: Department of Justice
DTC: Disability Tax Credit/Certificate
EIA: Exceptional Incapacity Allowance
ELB: Earnings loss Benefit.... An income replacement program that ensures your income does not                                    fall below 75% of your gross pre-release military salary.
FCE:Functional Capacity Evaluation
FYI: For Your Info
GIS: Guaranteed Income Supplement
GoC: Government of Canada
HoC: House of Commons
List: A list of members identified by SISIP to be zero sum members
LTD: Long Term Disability
Manulife Financial : Name of company that is the insurer of the insurance policy
McInnis Cooper: Name of law firm representing the members of the class action
MFRC: Military Family Resource Centre
NVC: New Veterans Charter
NVCAG:New Veterans Charter Advisory Group
OAS: Old Age Security
OSFI: Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions
OSI: Operational Stress Injury
OSISS: Operational Stress Injury Social Support
OVO: Office of the Veterans Ombudsman 1-877-330-4343
PIA: Permanent Impairment Allowance
QRLSP: Qualifying Retroactive Lump Sump Payments
RDSP: registered disability savings plan
SISIP: Service Income Security Insurance Plan
SISIP FS: Service Income Security Insurance Plan Financial Services
SitRep: Situation Report
SNAG:  Special Needs Advisory Group
SRB: Supplementary Retirement Benefit
TO: Tax Ombudsman Number is 1 866-586-3839.
TB: Treasury Board
TPI: Totally and permanently incapacitated
VAC: Veterans Affairs Canada
VIP: Veterans Independence Program
VRAB: Veterans Review and Appeal Board
WCP: Workman's Compensation Program
WVA: War Veterans Allowance
Zero Sum: a term given to members of SISIP that were qualified to receive a pension from SISIP
               ltd but got zero sum because their VAC disability pension brought their income higher than 75% of
               their pre release income.

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