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2nd list question

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2nd list question Empty Re: 2nd list question

Post by Wife of a Veteran on Wed 31 Oct 2012, 23:39


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Wife of a Veteran
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2nd list question Empty Re: 2nd list question

Post by Teentitan on Wed 31 Oct 2012, 23:10

Guest... what exactly can VAC do for anyone? They are not involved in this the DND is the ones to call.

All a VAC CM will tell the person on the phone is "call the lawfirm".
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2nd list question Empty Re: 2nd list question

Post by Guest on Wed 31 Oct 2012, 22:05

>fellow mushrooms< Contact your Vac case managers if you aren't getting straight forward information about your own personal files. Refer them to this court order if they give you the run around.

Federal Court Cour federale
Date: 20120906
Docket: T-463-07
Ottawa, Ontario, September 6, 2012
PRESENT: The Honourable Mr. Justice Barnes
WHEREAS this Honourable Court issued an Order declaring that the offset of Pension
Act disability benefits from SISIP LTD income payable to the Plaintiff and to the other members
of the Class is in breach of Part III (A) section 55 a(iii), Part III (B) section 24 (a)(iv) and
section 44 a(iv) and Part XIII, section 177 a(iii) of the SISIP policy;
AND WHEREAS the parties are entering into settlement negotiations with a view to
resolving issues arising from the Court's order and the remaining issues outstanding between the
Page: 2
AND WHEREAS an Order of the Court is necessary to permit sharing of personal
information between Departments and Agencies of the Defendant and with the insurer, The
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company ("Manulife Financial") and the Plaintiffs' counsel;
AND WHEREAS the parties have endorsed their consent herein to the terms of this
1. Subject to paragraph 2 of this Order, for the purposes of identifying names and addresses
of Class members and/or determining entitlement to payments, if any, and calculating the
amount of payments, if any, that may be owing to members of the Class, as a result of the
Court's order of May 1, 2012, this Court orders and authorizes the Defendant, including
the Department of National Defence, the administrators of the Service Income Security
Insurance Plan, and Veterans Affairs Canada, as well as Manulife Financial, to share
information of and relating to Class members, including personal information as defined
by the Privacy Act or the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents
Act, between them as necessary, as well as with Plaintiffs' counsel;
2. The sharing of information authorized above will be limited to only that information
which is necessary to fully assess each Class member's entitlement, if any, to payments.
"R.L. Barnes"

Best of luck.


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2nd list question Empty Re: 2nd list question

Post by peep on Wed 31 Oct 2012, 00:50

I two want to know about the second list, and when it comes out. Also if it includes the members with closed files that have CPP (D) pensions
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2nd list question Empty 2nd list question

Post by dzanzio on Tue 30 Oct 2012, 21:52

hey do you guys already know if your on the 2nd list. it seems like alot of you guys get alot of info from sisip and they wont tell me anything.
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2nd list question Empty Re: 2nd list question

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