Newsletter 7 May 2021 of Canadian Soldiers Assistance Team (CSAT) Forum forum

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Budget 2021 and Vets
FYI https// I like this article.........yes it calls a spade a spade but Blaney also points...
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Vaccinations: Rights/Compensation
I don't want this to become a debate of whether they are good or bad. My concerns lately have been. Can we be forced to take it under VAC direction/policies of continued support? If so, would...
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Shoppers Drug Mart Cancelling Companies
I swithched from MedReleaf to Shoppers a while back. I have been haveing a hard time finding Avidekel that they stocked after waiting for over a month I just found out by asking them when it would...
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Desmond inquiry VAC responds...
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Covid Vaccination Side Effects Website
Came across this info and thought this might be helpful for everyone to make a decision on if they want the vaccine or not. NOTE The link referred to in the story is at the bottom of the...
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