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'It's an outrageous desecration'

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'It's an outrageous desecration' Empty 'It's an outrageous desecration'

Post by Guest on Tue 16 Aug 2016, 11:01

'It's an outrageous desecration': Army veterans are furious that a memorial to one million Canadians who fought in the World Wars is used as a water slide and paddling pool.

16 August 2016

People are ignoring signs at Green Park and climbing on the memorial
Richard Allen, who served alongside Canada said it was 'outrageous'
A family visiting thought it would be a 'sacred place' not 'a playground'

A London memorial commemorating one million Canadians who travelled to Britain to fight in two World Wars is being ‘desecrated’ by people using it as a water slide and paddling pool.
Military veterans are among those who have expressed outrage at the on-going abuse of the famous monument in Green Park, directly opposite Buckingham Palace.
Unveiled by the Queen in 1994, it is surrounded by signs reading ‘As a mark of respect, please refrain from climbing this memorial’.

There are signs around the memorial, which commemorates one million Canadians who fought alongside Britain, asking people to stay off.

Despite this, visitors to the park now think nothing of walking up and down the sloping granite sculpture, which has water flowing across it, and using it to cool their feet, sunbathe, and play games on.
At the weekend, grown men in bare feet or trainers could be seen clambering on top of it, while encouraging children to use it as a slide during the hot summer weather.
Richard Allen, who served alongside the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada when he was an officer in the British Army, said it was ‘an outrageous sight’.

‘The Canadians made a huge contribution to victory during the World Wars,’ said Mr Allen, who is now based in San Francisco, from where he regularly travels to London on business.
‘Their soldiers were outstandingly brave, and thousands were killed or wounded.
'This very moving monument is designed to commemorate all of them, and it is very sad indeed to see it being desecrated like this.
‘More recently, Canadians have served alongside us in places like Afghanistan. The Metropolitan police should be dealing with this.’

Charlotte Lynn, who was visiting from the Canadian province Ontario with her family, commented: ‘What is going on is beyond belief.
‘We were expecting a sacred place, where those who fought would be honoured and respected. Instead, the monument has been turned into a playground.’
The Canadian Memorial was designed by the sculptor Pierre Granche, and is divided into two halves, representing Britain and Canada.
Bronze Canadian maple leaves have been inserted into the slopes, along with the country’s coat of arms, and the flowing water is meant to signify the passage of time.

An inscription reads: ‘In two World Wars one million Canadians came to Britain and joined the fight for freedom. From danger shared, our friendship prospers.’

Thousands of Canadians were killed or wounded at Great War battles including Vimy Ridge, in France in 1917, and throughout the Second World War.
The Canadian Army had its own landing sector, Juno Beach, at D-Day, and also suffered terrible casualties during the Dieppe Raid of 1942.
Queen Elizabeth II remains the formal Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian military, and has frequently expressed great pride in its units.
A spokesman for the Royal Parks said it was ‘against regulations to climb or interfere with any monument or statue. Enforcement of Royal Parks regulations is a matter for the police.’
The scandal comes at a time when disorderly crowds are increasingly causing chaos in London’s Royal parks.

Last month, riot police were deployed in Hyde Park - which is next door to Green Park - when an event originally described as a free party descended into violence.


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