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Equitas Update - January 2012

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Equitas Update - January 2012 Empty Equitas Update - January 2012

Post by Teentitan on Tue 10 Jan 2012, 12:40

With the holidays over we are ready to get back to work, in earnest, seeking improved disability benefits for our disabled soldiers. For your review I have attached our January 2012 Equitas Society update. In short, the update states enough disabled soldiers have contacted the law firm Miller Thomson in the last 90 days that Miller Thomson is comfortable filing a law suit challenging the New Veterans Charter as a program that is not equal to the other disability programs provided to workers across Canada. The time line on the first court filing is in the next 60 days. During this time the Equitas Society, like many other soldier organizations, will work behind the scenes to ask the government to fix this problem. However, there comes a time to take action and such action is coming.

Once Miller Thomson’s legal action has begun, the Equitas Society is legally bound to fund all the disbursement costs on behalf of the soldiers being represented. Therefore, the Equitas Society will move into full scale fund raising mode as of now. We will be asking large organizations to support this action, including those groups who have raised considerable funds in the name of disabled soldiers.

In addition, we are planning two major fund raising events for 2012, which will be a pleasure to put on. In the next 30 days all those who have contacted Equitas asking to help out will be contacted to assist in a specific area.

I can tell you that all of us at Equitas have been involved in other fund raising events for many worth while causes. However, there has never been a cause like bringing equality to our disabled soldiers that has tugged on our heart strings so much. How our soldiers had their disability benefits gutted in the middle of an active war is something many generations of historians will have to ponder and debate. Right now we have to deal with real soldiers, with real disabilities trying to move on with their lives without the proper support of their government – often resulting in the breakup of their families and even worse. Let it be written in the history books that Equitas and other individuals and organizations recognized this travesty of justice and sought to fix it in the year 2012. A big mission, but the family of concerned citizens continues to grow and to date I have not found a single person (expect those in the current government) who agrees with this situation.

I thank you for your continued support,

Jim Scott

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