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Education vs indoctrination

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Education vs indoctrination  Empty Education vs indoctrination

Post by Guest on Sun 26 Nov 2017, 18:08

If you allow your free speech to be quelled in any way shape or form you are not receiving an education you are receiving an indoctrination.
As veteran's we all know what it is to be indoctrinated from a young age, I can no more except that as I'm sure most of you can't. I'm assured by the forum originator that veteran's will have free speech to attack topics but not each other. Csat has become a stagnant site that's not the way im sure it was intended to be. Benefit education, and topic debates. I came into csat with a chip on both shoulders quite a while ago and the forum helped better than any therapy would, like to see it return to the days where people were not afraid to post or state their opinion. Remember some will come in with a chip or just have a bad day "so what" I know teen gave me plenty of lead way when he had control of the site. Csat is not a spectators sport its a veterans forum so engage post etc we will not be quelled because that gets us nowhere!!!


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