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Cryptocurrency support for veterans. Empty Cryptocurrency support for veterans.

Post by abvhiael on Mon 09 Apr 2018, 13:57

My name is Abvhiael Stuart, and Im part of a group that is getting set to release a cryptocurrency called PUFFScoin that will be used within the cannabis industry. Hardcoded into our protocols is an altruistic fund, the Veterans Endowment. All transaction fees across the network will be set towards this fund, which will be used to purchase and deliver medical cannabis to vets. Im a vet, served in Croatia and Bosnia, and still deal with the memories of Ovcava, Srebernica, Vidovice, the Lasva valley... Several years ago, dealing with PTSD and epilepsy, I was fortunate enough to have a Marijuana for Trauma office open up here in Sydney, NS. This came at a point where I was very much considering suicide, i was having three or five or ten grand mals a day, I was too worn out to sublimate the nightmares leading to no sleep and more seizures. A prescription and months later, using high grade cannabis, my seizures began to come under control, I was starting to sleep through most nights. Id been working in the cryptocurrency industry for a few years, and when VAC announced the cutbacks to reimbursement, I knew there was a way to fix it. So, nearly a year later, we are getting ready to announce our project publicly, and start providing the services we've been talking up amongst ourselves for the past year. We are already working on partnerships with several groups, including Marijuana for Trauma, HeroGrown, WeedForGood and the Open Cannabis Project, to provide them as beneficiaries to smart contract driven services we are building on the blockchain.

Our goal is to provide medical cannabis, free of charge, to vets and first responders in Canada and the United States who are utilizing cannabinoid therapy to combat PTSD or opiate dependencies. To provide this for EVERY VET. Veterans affairs dropped the ball, and bureaucracy and red tape is going to ensure that fixing it will take years. For a lot of vets, lots of guys I know personally, thats far too long. Me, I use a quarter ounce (7 grams) of cannabis a day. I have a quality of life now, Im not seizing near as often... perhaps once or twice a month compared to that same frequency in the run of an average afternoon... Im sleeping thru the nights.. I still wake up drenched in sweat, but Im not carrying those nightmares and memories of mass graves with me into the waking hours, wandering the streets between 3 and 5am because Im trying to get the phantom scent of rotted flesh out of my nostrils. VAC reimburses most vets for three grams at $8.50, although theres exceptional circumstances that can be applied for and go thru the process of bureaucracy for another year. What really lit a fire under my ass was talking with a brother Id served with last summer. A day where he didnt have cannabis, and the stress of the day was triggering him hard. He wanted to get out and ride, but couldnt bring himself to leave the house because of the fear, as irrational as he knew it was even at the time, that his front yard had been seeded with land mines. He'd had a prescription for 6 grams a day, but had to scrimp and pinch his weed to get by because he couldnt afford to pay for what he needed.

We want to change that. It will take a few years and a LOT of hard work to be able to build our services to the point that transaction fees alone will provide the necessary medical cannabis to every vet and first responder that requires it. The developers of PUFFScoin have that committment. If youd like to check out our project, if you would like to help or, more importantly, if you are one of those that needs the sort of help we are planning to provide, we want to hear from you!

Our website is :
contact me at:

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