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DEC reassessment after 2 years

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DEC reassessment after 2 years Empty Re: DEC reassessment after 2 years

Post by johnny211 on Sun 11 Nov 2018, 18:09

Hi Artie Simm, In my case after the 2 yr Mark of Dec, I thought I would do a reassessment. But I was talking to my CM at the time, and was told as I am 100%, I would not be requiring another reassessment. I’m ok with that. It just seems odd to me, that after all the assessment to get too DEC, that one would magically get better, and need reassessment. Waste of VAC resources. I see my pscy every 3 wks, and prob will for along time. But the answer to this does appear random. VVV
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DEC reassessment after 2 years Empty DEC reassessment after 2 years

Post by Guest on Sun 11 Nov 2018, 07:40

I read on line about the soldier who lost both legs but VAC wants him to prove every 2 years that they are still gone. But what about when a vet is declared DEC for mostly mental reasons. Many are not under full time psychiatric care, so what happens, every 2 years they get forms in the mail and are to take them to a random psychiatrist who is in one visit to decide that the perfect stranger in front of them is still screwed up. .? Or is there a special dr VAC supplies from the OSI clinic that specifically hands cases like that, it seems so random.?

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