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*READ* VIP (Veterans Independence Program)

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*READ* VIP (Veterans Independence Program) Empty *READ* VIP (Veterans Independence Program)

Post by Riddick on Thu 28 Nov 2019, 21:31

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Canadian Veterans Advocacy
November 26 at 11:52 AM ·

After two excellent meeting with the OVO and the issues I brought to his attention on VIP. He wants to hear from you.
1. You have been denied VIP because you have a spouse, Children and were told they can do the housekeeping or grounds. The OVO want to hear from you.
2. You are above 78% and sustained your Injury on SDA/SDO and are denied VIP. The OVO want to hear from you.
3. You were denied VIP while living outside Canada. The OVO want to hear from you.
4. You were told you are maxed out in housekeeping, personal care. The OVO want to hear from you.
5. Your injury, 48% and up, was sustained in Canada and they refuse VIP. The OVO want to hear from you.
6. You have a case where you feel VIP would help you and were denied. The OVO want to hear from you.

PLEASE ENSURE to indicate in your complaint that you were told by CVA to file a complaint. We would appreciate if you can PM that a complaint was filled and copy the text of the item for your complaint.

VIP is outdated in many ways. They talk about heating with coal.


2019: VIP Rate Table HouseKeeping (rates /hour /prov), Chimney, Furnace & Ground (small, med, large)
2019: PAAC Taux Entretien (taux /heures /prov) Menager, Cheminee, Fournaise et Terrains (petit, moyen, grand)…/…

Check this video:

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