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Pole .. Sisip life insurance

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Pole .. Sisip life insurance  Empty Re: Pole .. Sisip life insurance

Post by Nemo on Wed 08 Apr 2020, 21:43

We normally get a letter informing us that our ages are resulting in an increase in premiums. Think it is laid out at what age the increase occurs. We are under CAR tho which is a grandfathered system.
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Pole .. Sisip life insurance  Empty Pole .. Sisip life insurance

Post by Ppclicaper on Tue 07 Apr 2020, 22:09

How many people were contacted by Sisip this week stating their life insurance policies were increasing exponentially...

Here is my story . I bought life insurance in 2000 to go overseas ( 400k ) the premium was like 42$ a month . So since than every raise the CF has had Sisip has increased benefits and premiums , I think we all know this - same line as PMQ increases . So yah over the years the premium has increased just over 400%. So yesterday I am sitting on Deck I get a call from Sisip stating my premium is going up ... blah blah I turned 50 .. well I turned 50 ; 7 months ago ( pre covid right ) . So she tells me my premium is going up 40-50% ... which would be just under 300$ a month .. I have no clue how they are getting away with this and what a timing to push vets off life insurance ... just wondering if anyone else was contacted with same story ... cause we all know Sisip and their BS . I was kinda pissed .. almost like price gouging ... against the most vulnerable people’s ...

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