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We are not asking too much!

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We are not asking too much! Empty We are not asking too much!

Post by Crockett Thu 03 Dec 2020, 08:11


To Vac employees,
I understand you are overworked, tired, stressed and burnt out. I’m sure the neverending pile of paperwork looks daunting and you wonder if you will ever get to the bottom of the pile.

To Vac adjudicators,
I understand how tedious it can be to look through medical records, doctors reports, and statements to find a connection between service and injury.

To Vac finance department,
I understand how challenging your task is, comparing the table of disabilities with the quality of life to ensure the financial payout corresponds with daily pain and suffering of Veterans.

To Vac,
I understand that the rate of disability claims is swamping the system bogging it down making wait times unreasonable.

To the Minister of Veterans Affairs,
I understand, each day you may wake up with the idea that today, maybe, you will make a difference. I’m sure by the end of the day you realize that you won’t change a thing.

To the Prime Minister,
I understand, you have many fires to put out, many people to appease, and a country to hold together. Somewhere along the way you let slip from your memory, the reason there is a country to hold together. It is through the sacrifices of the many men and women who protect and defend what Canadians hold dear...our freedom.

To all Canada’s Vets,
We have been overworked, tired, stressed and burnt out, we have been injured during service and from our service. We have been challenged at our tasks, and have managed to pull through. We have spent years using the motto “hurry up and wait”. We have made a difference where others cannot. We have worked to defend our country at home, from floods, from storms. We have been counted on to pick up the pieces when no one else can. We have been overseas, to defend and have given the ultimate sacrifice to our country. We are what has held our country together, in the past and will continue into the future. We are the solid foundation, the immovable structure, we are the support and the stability on which our Country rests.

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