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A little sidenote . . .

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Re: A little sidenote . . .

Post by Bruce72 on Wed 02 Nov 2016, 06:47

In my opinion pinger, there's a big difference between someone's sexual orientation which is assigned to them through biology and someone's choice or need to medicate with cannabis.

That being said, maybe members who self medicated with cannabis and were dishonourably discharged should be allowed a voice and a review.

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A little sidenote . . .

Post by pinger on Tue 01 Nov 2016, 15:55

What with all this pot stuff, certificates, MM's, JT legalizing it, pot for vet's and VaC  paying for it.

What of those who got dinged for it decades ago for more than just leisure kicks.
For PAIN, physical or mental while serving ?

It was like buying bread in the grocery store in my time.

They gonna get a reprieve like gay's may have today ?

Best I can figure, one is deemed by the QR&O's in their time.

Just a thought,
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