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Osteoarthritis and DEC

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Re: Osteoarthritis and DEC

Post by bigrex on Thu 05 Jul 2018, 13:28

You need to call your CM, and advise them that you do not think that you will be able to work in your field anymore. They should send you to a 3rd party OT, to have a functionality exam, to determine your physical limitations, over two days of testing. They will report to VAC how many hours you can work, and what types of jobs you are capable of doing. For example, if they say that you can work 40 hours/ week, but only at a sedentary job, VAC could try to get you to take computer courses, or something like administration, in order to find a job working in an office somewhere, like a call centre. But if you are limited to working 20 hours per week, you could still be deemed DEC, because it's not only about your ability to work, but whether or not suitable jobs, would provide gainful employment. It's a pain in the butt, but if you are looking at being deemed DEC for generalized OA, it's a necessary step.
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Osteoarthritis and DEC

Post by 45jim on Thu 05 Jul 2018, 12:45

With 100% disability (hearing, tinnitus and multiple osteoarthritis) how do I eventually move towards a DEC decision? Currently on Rehab program (only a couple of months) but worried that they will pull the plug unless I go down the Vocational retraining path. Unlike an amputation, arthritis isn't very visible as it's all pain, stiffness and loss of motion without obvious physical signs. Just started with Physiotherapist but wonder how they will report as I would imagine they will always wish to show slow but constant improvement over time. There is no benefit to them to say they can't help, otherwise they don't get to bill VAC. The vocational retraining sounds good but I am too old to go get a degree, not physically able to work machines or do physical labour anymore and have no real skills as I was a NCO Crewman. I don't want to take some course that qualifies me for a minimum wage job.

My family doctor will be of assistance but he knows nothing about VAC and their process, so he will rely on information I provide as much as anyone else. I am sure he would document that I can't work anymore but its up to VAC if they believe it.

I am unfamiliar with the assessment done by the March of Dimes but have read it is a physical test of lifting weights and other physical tasks. I have no idea what they do in regards to assessing your mental ability to perform a job. it would be nice to understand from someone who has gone down that path before.

I would prefer to work, but I wonder if I will be able to hold down a steady job and even find one that doesn't tax me physically - a 40 hour work week does not seem viable or realistic.

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