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Stacking of NVC pension awards

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Stacking of NVC pension awards

Post by bigrex on Wed 03 Oct 2012, 23:43

I have asked this of VAC, but have not received an answer yet, but maybe some of the younger veterans on here may know. Under the NVC, do they stack you disability awards, or are they each paid out seperately from each other. Under the pension act, if you had one severe disability assessed at a certain percentage%, or had 5 minor disabilities assessed that added up to the same percentage, the total monthly pension would be the same. But with the NVC, if you had those same 5 disabilities, and were each assessed at 7%, would you get 5 payments at the 5% rate, or would they accumulate? $14665 for the first claim, then the second claim assessed at 7% brings you up to a 14% ($43996 minus $14665), the third brings it to 21% ($58661 - $43996) and so on, so that, like with the pension act, a Veteran who sustains several smaller disabilities will be compensated equally as someone who received a singular severe disability. If not, in my example of 5 separate disability awards paid at 5% each, would receive $73325 in awards, but a single award paid at 35% equals $102657. That is a difference of over $29000 in government savings, just by separating the awards, and I hate seeing these younger guys getting nickel and dimed even further by the NVC than they already are.
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