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New Health Related Travel Claim Information

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New Health Related Travel Claim Information

Post by Teentitan on Tue 12 Jun 2012, 23:24

Veteran Voice was sent an email today with the new links and rules for clients when they submit a HRT Claim (Health Related Travel Claim).



Upon clicking the above link you will be taken to the Health Related Travel Claim Form - Veteran VAC 752A form. At the bottom of the page you will see 2 more links to the following forms. VAC 752C is the Health Related Travel Guide (rules) and VAC 752D Health Related Travel Receipt - Escort. Clicking on the applicable link will take you to the form required for your medical appointment or explanation of rules.

You can view the information by clicking on the "Download File" button. Each form is printable on your computer.


You can either print off a copy of form VAC 752A and fill the information in by hand, take it to your Doctor and have them stamp it. Or you can fill in the information in the appropriate boxes and print it. Remember a card from your Doctor with their address, phone number, time of the appointment and a signature can be attached to the claim for proof of having a Doctor's appointment.

You will notice on page 2 of VAC 752A there is an "Add Appointment" and "Delete Appointment" button. The standard form has 2 spaces for Doctor appointments. If you wish to add more then 2 appointments to submit click on the "Add Appointment" button.

Once you have filled out the information as laid out on the form print the form. NOTE there is a new mailing address depending on which province you live in. It is on the form so make sure you use the correct mailing address.

As stated by the minister you no longer have to submit receipts such as hotel and taxi receipts. You must though hold onto your receipts for one year from the date you submit the claim. The explanation is on form VAC 752C.

So to sum up you still need to fill out the HRT Claim. Either attach an appointment card from your doctor or have them stamp the HRT Claim. Mail the HRT Claim to the correct mailing address and hold onto any receipts you do not send in with the HRT Claim for one year from the date you mailed in the HRT Claim.

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