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SISIP Life insurance is there a better choice?

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Re: SISIP Life insurance is there a better choice?

Post by Guest on Fri 28 Sep 2012, 07:35

I suggest that the new military those who serve should be aware of what really happened here. I mean with seminars educating them telling them what really happened to us. And what would have happened to them.

Just because someone says it so dont make it right.

Someone way back said let them eat cake, She got her head chopped off.

They knew They knew but now their going to make things right.

I think its time that SISIP/Manulife was replace



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SISIP Life insurance is there a better choice?

Post by acerman1234 on Fri 28 Sep 2012, 06:41

I personally do not want to deal with SISIP/Manulife ever again after this, but I am caught with a severe LTD
that is service related. My trust with anything Manulife is shattered. I have been out of the service for about 8.5 years,
and my only correspondence with Manulife is the $350 I own them due to an over payment with there CAR Insurance. It was the
only payment I received and was clawback weeks later back in 2004 due to CPP(D). I do feel good that I never pay them back. I have
received a number of letters stating this overpayment for the past 8 years. So....basically if its Manulife, I don't want it, trust it or want to
have anything to do with them!  I would like a life insurance policy with decent rates that is comparable with Manulife.
Any suggestions?

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