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Forum ROE Effective: 26 Nov 2017

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Forum ROE Effective: 26 Nov 2017 Empty Forum ROE Effective: 26 Nov 2017

Post by Publisher VVi Sun 06 Mar 2016, 11:58


The Administrators of this Forum will edit or remove posts that do not comply with the ROE, as notified by the membership.

All the posts posted on this Forum express the insight and opinion of their respective authors and not the opinion of the  Administrators . Forum administrators are not responsible for the discussions or content of posts.

The aim of this forum is to provide an area for veterans to interact.

The principal task is to assist members in obtaining available and warranted disability benefits.

Other tasks are to keep veterans informed, and to provide a digital space for members to discuss and argue issues and the latest government ventures in regards to veterans.

Working as a forum  team, members provide info that comes from personal experience, and knowledge shared to the forum. The forum also is a place to discuss the aspects that surrounds veterans in general, and members of the CAF on their way out of the military. The help that is provided on the forum is volunteered by the members. The Forum encourages all  members to participate and to maintain its aim, tasks and conduct.

This is an adult site for veterans, so pretty much, most everything goes.

As this is an adult veterans' site, be forewarned that foul language will be present.

What is not tolerated are personal attacks. Argue ideas and opinions, but do not attack individuals. Other restrictions include:

  • The solicitation of funds for any purpose is prohibited.

  • The posting or sharing of any Private Message is prohibited.

  • Posted messages who promote illegal practices are prohibited.

When posting an article, remember to include the link of the article in your post.

Contravening posts will be removed without additional notice. Any personal attacks will result in revocation of registration.

The above rules and terms of conditions were  agreed to when you registered to the forum. In the event that a member disagrees or has concerns with the ROE, they can contact an  Administrator via PM.  

Note: In the event you are unsure where to post your new topic,  you can post your new topic in the Miscellaneous category, the topic can be moved if need be by VVi staff.

From time to time you may notice your post is moved to another location,  or your topic may be merged into another topic. This is part of VVi staff to keep the forum easier to navigate.

Publisher VVi

Publisher VVi

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