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Medical Cannabis Article  Empty Re: Medical Cannabis Article

Post by propat on Mon 09 Sep 2019, 12:52

actually i believe the report they used to lower the amount it actually shows that . now this info is in the charts and background info and all but not mentioned in the narrative its there . the narrative was just an attack on medical cannabis nothing more . now before it was policy they would cover it in special circumstances going back to 2006 i belive ' dont quote me '.

anyhow at the time we had busted guys coming back from Afghanistan . up till 2015 i believe it was in that report you could see something strange happening to total prescription drug costs , yes that includes cannabis , you could see the increase slow then negligible , and then, i believe for the first time in history, total costs went down . all cosponsoring to the increase in cannabis costs .

if this was about controlling costs like they said it was ya the narrative would have been to promote cannabis where appropriate . but nooooooo this was an attack by someone with a personal bias nothing more whose narrative promoted its restriction and eventually led to it .

so check the numbers in the actual AG that led to the restriction it will show this over a number of years ya can go back a lot further on total costs with info from VAC but not sure about cannabis costs .


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Medical Cannabis Article  Empty Medical Cannabis Article

Post by Guest on Fri 06 Sep 2019, 18:44

It seems that there are many articles out there in the media about Cannabis  and they don’t always seem very positive. Some do.

Take this one for example.

It talks about the ever increasing demand for Cannabis for Veterans.  The daily limit has gone from 10 grams to 3 grams to try to keep costs down.  Costs will increase for next year but really what does increase  and especially medically related prescription drugs.

My main point is this, the reporter, VAC, and the Government do not take this into account that the use of Cannabis reduces using other prescription drugs.  At least in my case it does, I could see a case that have chronic pain and a very serious injury would require both with even an increase of more then 3 grams a day.  

So maybe VAC should put out numbers to reflect the current situation that show maybe Cannabis is actually helping the dependence on prescription drugs and in turn lower the amount VAC pays out for prescription drugs.  I no in my case I am tired of prescription opioids and welcome the switch to Cannabis.  I have emailed the reporter and yet to get a reply.


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