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Medical Cannabis-New Study

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Medical Cannabis-New Study Empty Medical Cannabis-New Study

Post by Kramer Tue 07 Dec 2021, 10:50

YFI Reading material

Also...for those interested in adding to the study (anonymously).

"Canadians (both Veterans and non-Veterans) are welcome to participate in the anonymous questionnaire and share their experiences using medical cannabis. The online questionnaire is available at and is anonymous. The web-based program, being developed based on the survey responses, is expected to go live in the winter 2022. It will be free, secure, and private."

I personally think it is important to share one's experience. So many doctors with so many opinions because when it comes to medical cannabis all our reasons are unique. It makes it very difficult to isolate what it does or how it improves one's conditions. A person might use it for a wide variety of reasons, which I would think is not easy to get good stats because it is one medication that is used for many symptoms or combination of, all at once.

This could also provide (albeit anecdotal evidence) of why we need it/use it. Us veterans are victims of stigma by those who don't use it or are ignorant to its many benefits. When a person doesn't experience chronic pain, sleep deprivation/disorders, severe depression (or any type of depression), arthritis, anxiety etc., it is very difficult for them to have a reference point to relate. This makes so it makes it easy for them to dismiss the positives and just as easy to be skeptical when we tell may not work for you, but it works for me!

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