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Free parking for veterans aim of Region of Queens bylaw amendment

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Free parking for veterans aim of Region of Queens bylaw amendment

Post by Guest on Fri 08 Sep 2017, 17:32

Free parking for veterans aim of Region of Queens bylaw amendment

Aethne Hinchliffe

Region of Queens Municipality council gave first reading of a revision to a bylaw that when passed will give vehicles with veteran licence plates free parking.

LIVERPOOL, N.S. - Soon vehicles with veteran licence plates issued by Canadian provinces will get free parking at metered spaces in Liverpool, NS.

The Region of Queens Municipality will honour the contribution of veterans by revising the parking meter bylaw.

Council gave a first reading of a revision to Bylaw No. 9 – a bylaw respecting parking meters – at the regular council meeting Aug. 22.

“Veterans and those who currently serve our country have put their lives on the line defending the freedoms we enjoy, and as such are deserving of our respect,” said David Dagley, mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “This is a small token of appreciation, which council is able to extend to honour the veterans and those currently serving, as identified with a veteran licence plate.”

The second reading of the revisions to Bylaw No. 9 is scheduled to happen Sept. 26. Following publication of the Notice of Passing, the revisions will take effect in early October at the 56 parking meters in the Region of Queens Municipality, all of which are in Liverpool.

New Glasgow, the Town of Bridgewater, and the Town of Lunenburg made amendments to their parking meter bylaws in 2012.

In Nova Scotia, those eligible under section 28 of the Motor Vehicle Act may apply to the Registry of Motor Vehicles for a veteran licence plate. This includes people who have served at least three years in one or more of the following: Canadian Forces, the armed forces of any other Commonwealth country, or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a regular member.

Also eligible are a special duty area or special duty operation as a peace officer for a minimum of three years in the Merchant Navy or Ferry Command during wartime, or a theatre of war as a member of the Canadian Forces or armed forces of another Commonwealth country or wartime ally of Canada or another Commonwealth country.


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