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Crohn's Diease and PTSD

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Re: Crohn's Diease and PTSD

Post by Newf on Thu 08 Mar 2018, 15:32

I suggest looking for some scholarly articles and medical journal studies on the internet (via google) to support the link between Crohn's Disease and PTSD. Articles may be found at Harvard University, New England Medical Journal and other locations. Google is a great tool for searching. Print off articles that support this relationship then submit this information with your application (claim).

It is important to find information from sources that are recognized by VAC. These sources include Mayo Clinic, Merck Manual, and most medical journals.

Also, if there are medications you are prescribed for ptsD which contribute to your Crohns symptoms then this information can also support your case. I suggest obtaining the DIN# from your medication, looking up the drug on the drug database with Health Canada to obtain a printout of the side-effects of the medication. Perhaps, there is a side effect which affects your Chrons conditions. If the drug supports your application then print off the information sheet then attach to your application. There database is here

Here is an example for you:

Good luck
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Crohn's Diease and PTSD

Post by sports_1977 on Thu 08 Mar 2018, 14:04

Hello Everyone,

I have open a Claim up for Crohn's Disease, link to my PTSD.

I received a call from Benefits Program Officer requesting a letter from my Doctor link PTSD to my Crohn's either is cause or link to Pain that i get from my Crohn's

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cannot be defined as Crohn's Disease but as a significant aggravating factor in its course. just wondering if this is enough to link my Crohn's pain to PTSD to get it accepted.

This is the letter Doctor wrote to them.

Just looking for anyone opinion, im just looking to have my medication covered really....

The cause of Crohn's disease as a chronic and incurable inflammation of the gut is not known. Although there are many theories.

It is believed that stress could server as a significant aggravating factor although not necessarily a cause of bowel inflammation. We see that fairly regularly in our daily practice looking after patients with inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn's disease.
The management of this potentially painfull condition ideally should include stress management.

To my knowledge Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cannot be defined as Crohn's Disease but as a significant aggravating factor in its course.

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