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Amazing Medical guidelines

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Amazing Medical guidelines Empty Re: Amazing Medical guidelines

Post by puddleduk2 on Thu 29 Nov 2012, 23:17

been dipped (literally) in the jet fuel (old and new versions)and their additives, gas, diesel, and other various oils/lubricants, stayed that way unable to clean up properly (when in the field) for weeks at a time.

Sure you can wash with your wash tin, but really.

If the same scenario presented itself in a civilian setting they would be off and someone elses head on a pike explaining how, why.....

when i put in claim for my skin and lung problems, but they said it wasnt related???

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Amazing Medical guidelines Empty Amazing Medical guidelines

Post by Ex Member on Thu 29 Nov 2012, 20:01

I was loooking through information and thought I would bring the following to your attention. As an example I thought I would post a link to the VRAB'S website which is to there medical guidelines they use. No don't get bent out of shape...VRAB'S inconsistencies are well known....but Veterans Affairs is just as bad. Here for example is an error of fact and also borders on the error of law.

Look under nose and throat for example. It says Chronic and acute sinusitis rarely has any symptoms as in headaches below is the extract
Acute sinusitis is a self-limiting disease. Chronic sinusitis is curable. It rarely causes
headache, nasal obstruction, or any symptoms aside from nasal and post-nasal
A Medical Examiner may see pus in the nose, but the only sure way of
diagnosing sinusitis is by X-ray. Radiology reports of "thickened mucous membrane" or
"polyps" are not evidence of sinusitis. Only a sinus that is opaque to X-rays or contains
fluid is the seat of sinusitis.

This is the info VRAB uses in its medical decisions look at the info from VACs website lol

Signs and symptoms of sinusitis include:
constant sinus pressure
• nasal congestion
• facial and/or tooth pain
• frontal headaches
• post nasal drainage, especially in the morning

Great VAC and VRAB Two different opinions on chronic sinusitis. Nice work,idiots.

And maybe someone that ghosts from VAC and VRAB in here can explain to me reference updating of medical information? As fast as the medical worls is changing as well as advancing. Why is VAC and VRAB use medical literature to deny Veterans that was made in 1995? Advancing in medicine tell me they should be upt to date....again...idiots. Maybe so many Veterans wouldn't be denied if your medical literature was updated yearly. Findings they have from 1995 and 17 years later will show and prove advancement even in arthritis...But who am I right! Why is it Veterans of the Canadian military are so passive ? Because its not passive, its the red tape and hoops Veterans have to deal with and most give up because its easier when one has ailments...Sad, really bloody sad!

Folks, your going to hear some news about Jet fuel and our Government...soon enough. If you thought Agent Orange was big! Agent orange was a pin prick compared to Jet fuel and exposure for all soldiers and Veterans....More to follow in the future!

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